Summoning Lilith and asing for favour!

Does spirits and demons like Lilith, if summoned by chantng enn rrally comes and talk to you? Like can we actually hear her voice?

I yesterday chanted her enn for sometime and offered her my orgasm and semen. I didn’t hear or saw anything. Do you think she acceptdd my request?

Can someone share their experience of first time invocation of lilith abd weatger their needs satisfied by her?

Thank you !

I was reading about the Qliphoth and she came over like “hello”

I haven’t asked her for anything in particular, other than a single little question about verses 43, 44 and 45 of the third chapter of the “Book of the Law” in relation to my system, when she helps me she does it because she wills it, and it’s only mentorship. She allows me to have a sexual approach with her, but she never initiates such interactions. I don’t have other needs that she could satisfy, I’m more into satisfying her (sounds like a dangerous approach, doesn’t it?)

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A littile spooky yet interesting :sweat_smile:
Y am I not able to communicate with anyone? :frowning::frowning:
Maybe I need to chant the enn a little more and concentrate my mind a littile more!!!

Keep in mind that she has no obligation to answer. Maybe she is busy. Also, if you don’t have your psychic senses developed, probably you won’t hear anything. A lot of new people expect the demons to give them 5 hours speeches, when they usually talk through sensations. About seeing her, it also requires that you develop your senses. Use the search button to find threads where people talk about astral senses development. This is not like when Butters summoned Biggie Smalls

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Thank you so much for ur kind suggestions.
Yeah I dont hav much of a great psychic senses. Maybe I should first concentrate on them.
Thank you !

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How summon lilith, I am extremely new and I want to talk with her. And weird question, can you ask her to speak to me?.