Summoning Language

Assuming it isn’t stated what language – do you guys prefer to invoke/evoke in your native tongue or have you noticed better results in another language?

I prefer my native tongue (English). It’s just easier.


I’m new to all this but have a long standing interest in linguistics. Some languages are primarily sound even though all meaning from any language comes from sound. Languages like Hebrew, Arabic and Sanskrit are all about sound and proper pronunciation. You could utter some sounds in your native tongue behind which there will be an intention for sure but you would miss out the sounds that would come out by the original language.


Unless you speak a language fluently and can enunciate correctly why would you wish to do so?

The only reason is if the specific incantation is in that language and in which case research how it sounds from a native speaker or if a dead language such as Latin or ancient Greek a scholar who may well be able to give an approximation of how the language was spoken.

Incidentally you may want to transliterate into IPA so you have a pronunciation guide.

For your own work you are needlessly complicating matters.

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It’s about vibration and projection.

You know you’re vibrating because it starts in the chest and then goes through the whole body.
Projection is about throwing your voice to the ends of the Multiverse – throughout all the physical and spiritual worlds. “Now you listen to me…” It’s about directing energies to targets. Start be seeing your-will-to-be words directed in your mind and know that these words are true and have reached your target. If I work up a sweat that’s always a great sign for me.

And just by the by, you’ll never know what I’m on about unless you actually make a commitment and do it! If you want to direct energies with a Wand or your always straight arms and by your palms, these are matters for you – although at least initially a wooden Wand is great and will retain residual energies with use. I rarely use a Wand a these days but I’m glad I did and I still sometimes do.

And for your own sake, know how to banish before you summon.



native language.greek


I would agree if you actually were in a private environment over which you had complete control and wouldn’t be disturbed but projecting or vibrating a name in a public place may have unintended consequences.

Even in my own house I have issues and banishing of curious humans isn’t the simplest matter.

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Do what I learnt to do and project via powerful whispers. If caught vibrating you’re doing an exercise you read about to clear and strengthen your lungs. Improvise, but never give in or give up.

The element that sets the lhp - our path - apart from the other paths is ours is a path of doing. When I was rhp I knew so much shit, real mind-numbing crap and mindless details. Everything was so fucking hard because I had to have the appropriate metal sheets to ‘engrave’, the correct coloured candles, converted northern hemisphere days and hours, appropriate incense and a long, complicated ritual speech down (pretty well) by heart where I evoked God, then Archangels, then maybe lesser Angels– with all the torturous names, etc., etc.

Then I went lhp and started doing!

Just actually write yourself a curriculum and a oath from yourself to Yourself and sign it with your own (not menstrual) blood and/or spit. If you break your oath and don’t fulfil your own curriculum at least you’ll know a lot more about yourself and who you really are. Also, get a Magickal Journal and learn how to code and keep it.



Valid point, when you are starting for the first time I believe you shouldn’t bother about what language and focus only on the intention. And unless a spirit gets cheesed off because his/her name wasn’t pronounced properly I don’t think language matters.

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