Summoning Demons

I am rather new to this. I understand it is dangerous to summon a demon without first ensuring the proper protections are in place. I have two desires, one is to become much more attractive to women, and the other is to learn some musical instruments I have laying around. Is there a simple effective way to summon? I’ve tried praying to Satan himself but I feel like my desires/questions are unanswered.

Of course it could have something to do with my name being the same as Moses’ brother…ugh.


No, it is not dangerous to summon demons. No, you do not need “protections” of any sort in place.

Try this:


Very interesting. Can’t wait to try it! Did you take the paid course as well?

Just remember to not try and control them never lie and always show the demons respect.


True. I have no plans of threatening, just requesting help. The last thing I want is a dark lord of Hell angry with me.

well, I was born the same day as Jesus and here we are.

And don’t worry, there are demons who are very understanding with newbies, so do some research and see who is going to be the best for you!

You can just meditate on the demon’s sigil, light some incense and chant his enn. Use the information you have about the demon in your favor and remember to always be polite.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

If you mean the evocation course, then, yes, I have it.

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I have never need to use protection because that implies your afraid of getting hurt. as for love maybe amon, lilith. as for music their is one I believe but… I forgot his name…

How do I summon a demon step-by-step?

I want to summon him.

It can’t be to hard, right?

Altar, food, say his name and have his sigil on the altar?