Summoning Belial APOLOGY ETC

Wow, first off, I did not mean to play pirate, thief steal, take illegal shortcuts; and at the risk is choking on a former Mormon Hairball EA has to know well, trying to Ascent through “unauthorized channels”.
The internet being what it is; there are often goldmines of data whether through "Authorised channels’ or not I have little knowledge, and though I would love to straight up buy all of of EA’s stuff and junkiejonesing for his Complete Works; the amasing thing is how no matter how many people or organisations say it is not about the money; Bam- money stalls- so does ascent. Though it is not in any way EA’s or anyone else’s issue that I am disabled- wife slowly dying and now saddled with my unemployed daughter and her 5 kids (which could put many a demon to desperate flight), the daily grind of frustration of seeing the ‘Food’ through the bulletproof glass- forces one look for the same nutrients where my wooden nickel will be accepted.
And this above all- EA has absolutely no obligation to give the slightest shit- my feet are in the tarpit of my own making (thank you Mormon demoneities for such amasing fake out and my fkn honor for ‘going the extra mile in Proving all things’) so the last thing I want to sound like is a pity me thing.
So I truly apologize for how I came across.
I did just have a thought. It is only reasonable for EA to produce and profit on his work. I think about Amschel Rothchild, he was poor as shit, (I highly recommend reading Founder by Amos Elon) his practice of making many small profits while surrounded by people ‘doing the logical and making few Big Profits’ serve him phenomenally well, and a lot faster than all the evidence to the contrary would suggest. Perhaps going paperback, or even some sort of thumbdrive data source. Just thinking- the last thing you want is my ‘poor mans free advice’.
Please excuse me for my appearant misconduct.

hey man. i’m not going to come down hard on you. i’ve been in the same boat as you are in, and i know the frustration you are going through. if you only knew the shit i’ve been through you’d think you got off easy.

tell you what. if you want to try something free, i’ll give you something. try this and see if it helps you out of your jam:

you’ll need:
two candles
the page of pentacles tarot card

print out the page of pentacles ( as big as you can. one big full-size 8.5 x 11 page ‘card’ is fine.

put the page on a table between two gold candles. you can use green also.

light the candles. then look at the page of pentacles card.

i’d like you to modalize the card for an hour or as long as you need to do it until you get impressions. ea’s courses have a way of opening sigils but this is something different. i came up with it a long time ago when i was studying nlp and learning self-hypnotism. it’s not the easiest thing to do but it works if you put real effort into doing it.

what you do is, you speak your way into the card. you do that by describing it. ask: ‘what do i see?’ then describe what you see generally. repeat this but each time you do, add a detail.

what do i see? i see a boy.
what do i see? i see a boy in a field.
what do i see? i see a boy in a field holding a coin.
what do i see? i see a boy in a field holding a coin and looking at it.

you keep doing it and you keep adding detail. remember as much detail as you possibly can and recite it back in order. be very careful about doing this work. it will take you into the card and into the energies of the card.

you’ll get to a point where you are distracted. concentrate harder! this is important. don’t let mental jabber get in the way of this work. you’ll get to another point where you grow confused and forget details. just fill them in as best you can and keep going, do not stop. you’ll have ideas you want to take down that you think are important but they are NOT important, IGNORE THEM. you have to fight the rat. if you keep going then you’ll get to the point where you begin to trance out. you’ll begin to slur your words. you may start to close your eyes and you may even find it hard to speak. KEEP GOING. you are going INTO the card which is what you want to do.

then you’ll get to a point where your mind feels like it just opens. you may or may not hear voices or get impressions. you may be speaking and find that all of a sudden you are saying completely different things than you set out to say. KEEP GOING. you are connecting with the energies in the card.

when you connect fully with the card you’ll know. then tell the card that you want its energies to manifest in your life. it will be hard for you to formulate your thoughts, at this point you are going to have to project your wishes not from your mind, but from your emotions. it is very important that you WANT to improve your circumstances and project that desire from your solar plexus, because your brain will be off and if you try to think from the brain you’ll come out of trance. if you think you will have trouble remembering what you want to say, just write ‘I WANT TO PROSPER’ on another piece of paper as large as you can and put it on the table near you, and when you get contact look at that page to remind yourself.

when you have gotten the wish out loud, look at one of the candle flames.

come out of trance when you feel like your wish has been sent.

i picked the page of pentacles card because it represents the opening of opportunity for financial strength in your life. read up on it here:

if you do this rite, keep an eye out afterward for the opportunity to do fair trade for your income and well-being. opportunities may open for you but you have to be willing to go a bit out of your way. you may be offered menial jobs or whatever. take them. if you keep your eyes open then you will see opportunities to improve your life by adding value. they will be opportunities that others don’t see. if you speak on them, most often you will be shut down and treated like the hired help. that is what happened to me. just develop the eye of seeing opportunity wherever it is. belial is a very hard teacher but his lessons are pure gold. you may not always be able to take advantage of those opportunities or even share them with others, but you will see them, which is more important. if you have to, take notes and go over them when you are not working. just keep your eyes open for the opportunity to slowly but surely improve your life through financial prudence and adding value to the world through fair trade and honest dealing.

you are new to belial, who rules over earthly independence. he is a very important being with a lot of dignity and weight. he brings opportunity and masters opportunity. he has the rigor of an international financier, the authority of a transnational corporate ceo and the gravity of a supreme court judge. he has vision above and beyond all three, and there is more to him than that, much more. he is without a master but many answer to him.

you have to work your way up to belial’s level, you can’t just claim it, you definitely can’t complain your way to it, and if i were you i wouldn’t ever try to rob and steal for it. in belial’s world, thieves are thrown to the lions to be torn apart for the enjoyment of mobs. so don’t expect him to like you if you go in to work with him with the mindset of stealing and complaining. not to be hard on you, i’m just telling you like it is.

belial is an aristocrat and in today’s democratic world where every plebian thinks they’re a big shot and special, the kind of obeisance owed to belial is forgotten. but you have to realize. belial is not a liberal, he is an aristocrat. you have to show him respect.

some food for thought and a free workout for your consideration

good luck man.