Summoning arch-angel Raphael

Hey everybody, I was wondering about summoning Raphael.
So, in a dream one time I met Raphael and I asked him what he would like as an offering if I summoned him.
He said that he would gladly take a donut.
I know that when offering spirits fat, bones, spices, or herbs, that you’re supposed to burn them in order to give them to the spirit.

So, my question is, what would you do to offer a pastry such as a donut to a spirit?
I’m not sure if you would just burn those as well. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:


Simply leave it on your altar, and say something like “I give this offering to the archangel Raphael. Raphael, please accept this donut as a gesture of my respect and appreciation, and enjoy at your leisure.”


Okay cool, makes sense. Thank you.
So my question now is, what should I do with the donut after it’s been offered?
Also, is there anyway to offer the donut before or after the summoning ritual? Instead of during the ritual?

Generally, food offerings are left on the altar for about 24 hours or so, and then disposed of. It is traditional to dispose of offerings by burying them in the earth, or tossing them into a river, but in modern times, it is perfectly fine to just throw them in the trash or flush them.

You can give the offering any time. If you are unable to do it during the ritual, you can do so afterwards, or whenever it is convenient.


Okay, awesome! I’ll try all that, so.
Now that I have your attention, I wanted to say I successfully summoned a spirit for the first time EVER purposely this morning about 10 minutes before I posted this.
It was the fallen angel Vapula.
They had a high-pitched female voice, and asked me what my reasoning was, I told them that I wanted help unlocking my kundalini because, I’m still very new to all this (so I was very taken aback and didnt know what else to ask) and the only thing I know I’ve done, which took about 4 years is I have cracked the initial seal on all my 7 main chakras (crown-root) and I know how to astral travel as well.
I did the summoning as I was waking up from sleep, I chanted “Renich secore Vapula typan” only once.

But here’s the thing, when Vapula tried to unlock my kundalini I felt the energy go up my spine once, then Vapula said “I cant” then before I could say anything they said “This isn’t funny.” Then next thing I know their energy was gone.

So, I’ve been trying to practice meditation more and achieving the theta-gamma sync lately, and I think when I would do this I would focus on vapula sigil, and burn all sorts of things as offerings for vapula. Including: sandalwood, Cyprus, and bistort.

So my question is, do you think I offended vapula a little bit, and would you know why?

No, I don’t think you offended him, or at least not on purpose. From your description, it seems like whatever was preventing him from helping you with unlocking kundalini, he might have thought you did it to mock him.

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Are you sure working on Kundalini is the right thing to start with if you’re rather new?

Well I have opened my chakras and I do astral travel about once every 2 weeks.
But, after I unlocked my final main chakra, which happened to be the root, (the order for opening my chakras wasnt exactly the most common route btw) for example I opened my third eye first, then my heart, and I dont remember the order after that, but anyway, after I unlocked my 7th chakra I sometimes would dream about feeling subtle energy crawling up my spine like a serpent was slithering up it, each time this happened I would focus on it, and I would repeat having the energy slither from the base of my spine to the third eye. I’ve dreamt about this 3 times.

So, I was thinking perhaps unlocking my kundalini should be my next goal.

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Btw, sorry I’m asking so much but when it comes to offering something like copper(or metals in general) to a spirit, do you leave them on the alters for 24hrs too then throw them away as well? Or would you do something else with it?

No. Generally, it is the spirit’s seal engraved upon it that is the offering, not the metal itself. An engraved seal has traditionally been seen as a pretty big deal, as it gives the spirit a permanent physical link into our world, much more so than a mere paper seal, or a t-shirt would. The metal would be engraved and then hung on a wall in the temple, or placed on the altar.

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Ohh okay cool! Yeah that makes a lot more sense cause I was thinking it would be kind of weird to offer metal and then throw it away but it all makes sense now.
Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile:

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Update: So, I ended up summoning Vapula 3 more times throughout the night last night and I’m not gonna go into full detail about everything that happened cause it’s kind of unnecessary and a lot to say but basically,
Vapula ended up telling me that if I wanted his help, I was going need to come to him in the astral world, I asked how to do that but he said that he did not know.
Well, tbh every time I astral travel I either am right next to the physical plane and see it as that, but through my third eye with my eyes closed or, I just see pitch black.

So my thinking is that when it comes to ‘astral sight’ it must not be one of my strong suits because I’m normally completely blind.

Well now I’m wondering, what WOULD I do if I wanted to 1st strengthen my astral sight, and more importantly, try to travel to any place away from the ‘physical plane’ and somehow find a spirit in the astral realm? Does anybody have any insight in this?
If not, it’s all good Ill just make a new post on this site. Do you have any insight @DarkestKnight?

From what I know, you should be able to visit the spirit using their sigil as a gateway of sorts. Astral sight, on the other hand, can’t offer much advice other than to search the forum for posts about enhancing astral senses. I’ll tag @Velenos as he is much more experienced with soul travel than I am.

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This is about projection?


That seems suspicious to me. Why would Vapula tell you to do something, but then not tell you how to accomplish it?

You don’t necessarily need to go to him. You can do what is called an astral evocation. This is where you summon the spirit, and then view them through a scrying device like a shewstone or black mirror.

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Hmm, okay. Well the only way I’ve successfully summoned a spirit so far is chanting the demonic en while in the state needed right before astral travel.
Meditating to deep levels is still kind of difficult for me, and I’ve only achieved what I believe was the theta-gamma sync twice.

But I’ll try keeping a mirror near my bed so that I can try to stay in a deep level of meditation and view him through it. Because I was unable to see him the first few times due to my astral senses not being fully developed yet, but at least I could sense his energy around me and I could clearly hear his voice in my mind.

Do you honestly think it sounds a little fishy and that this spirit might be trying to lure me into some sort of trap?

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In my opinion, yes, it does seem a bit fishy that the spirit told you that if you want his help you have to meet him in the astral, especially since he can’t tell you how to do it. Usually, if a spirit directs you to do something, and you ask how, they will either direct you to sources to find out, or they might recommend another spirit to you that can help.

I’ve never had a spirit put a caveat on their help like that. There is no legitimate reason that I can think of for Vapula to make helping you contingent on you meeting him in the astral.

@norse900, @Velenos, have you ever heard of something like this?

Just to be clear, if I go directly to the spirit I’m assuming their energy and capabilities would be magnified is that correct?

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I never heard of anything like this, most spirits I know would force project you to them if they needed to.


You will be more vulnerable.

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