Summoning an Angel or other Entity for a change in reality


I have a problem… I got the descision from the authorities that I have to move in one weeks time without any place to stay.
I have some experience of magick but haven´t been practicing it for a while.
I need some help to summon a entity to make the desiscion makers change their mind.
I have prior success with demonic work but been practising my spiritual journey the last couple of years and feel that the universe wants me to work with other entites and get into magick again at this point.

Im sorry for the Spelling - im from sweden and this is not my mother tounge.

Any help, tips, recommendations are appriciated.


Instead of making them change their mind, think differently - do not try to find the solution yourself when you are blind.

Instead you need to offer up the problem, the solution will be given to you. This is how it works.

Immediately, on kindle, get Damon Browns book on Angelic Magick. There are many solutions in there for you

You may still move out but you may then move somewhere better or be offered a job so you can pay the rent, or something you didnt even think of.

Also - do not obsess over the magick , do it then accept it is resolved. Things have been changed, back in time to give you a solution - this is how it works. The work is already done, they already changed it in the past, the solution is already offered up to you, you just have to ask.

Keep this mindset, a being who can go back and forth in and out of time, limited by nothing, can change what you already seek and more. You need to offer your will over and appreciate their completion. Their job is to complete the task, its insult to presume they cannot. Sometimes it takes time… makor shifts… what you may think short term is crappy situation but int he end 12 months from now you realise the solution.

Ask to be a millionaire… you’ll lose your job. Oh crap ive lost my job! im homeless… you try hard so you can eat… sell stuff… sell more stuff… open a shop… open 10 shops… millionaire.