Summoning Abigor/Eligos


Deciding to work to put together a program to Evoke Abigor/Eligos. We had a run in about 40 years back-- well, actually he summoned me to meet him "over there’ aka The Demonic Plain; anyway, at the time I was a wannabe super righteous 18 year old fresh out of Basic and AIT and in West Germany, long story short- I was really a horrible person for a Demon to try to make nice with and try to be friendly. Actually one of the few times I have really felt deplorable and guilty for my actions
My problem is that this ‘Alter Ego’ thing with him being Abigor- or Eligos. I have tried afew time making contact with Abigor, with no luck at all. And trying to get info on Him or either of Them is like scratching in the desrt sand for ice cream. So I am going to do some really deep scouring on Both, and try to put together a ritual using Both Names [actually 3 names] as well as both Enns all combined together as if they had always been one in name and Enn. Using all sigils I can fond for both, and hope for some luck, even going to put Blood Sorcery ala Sorceress Cagliastro in for extra impact.

It will be few months for me to gather create and assemble it all- during which time I am going to try and create some sort of “Current of Relationship” before I really let the guns roar.

I am hoping someone may have some helpful info on either of them.
Also- as I will be combining the 2, if there are any warning or cautions
or helps I would greatly appreciate it. please feel free to contact me by any of my addresses etc if you wish.

My first aim is to hopefully establish my deep sorrow and regret for being such a fukface as I understand how one should feel honored and greatful when summoning an Entity and they reply; but I am thinking if one of them comes to you, opens the veil, pulls you through and wishes to establish “Contact” or whatever it seems abit bigger than just an honor— at least that is how I feel now. not to mention He/They brought their entire Entourage, which has always ben mind blowing to this day to review in my memory banks.

Anyone with any info advice or help I would really appreciate it, and hopefully my putting them both together will be a plus and advantage- there has to be a reason for their Duality I would think.

Thanks for listening. Look foreward to any reply.

Frater Dark Matter