Summoning a succubus

Hi, i used E.A’s method to summon a succubus, usually his method’s work for me(with little to no tweaking). but this in particular im struggling with.

There is a member here (Succupedia) who is an expert on succubi and he created a method for summoning one. Use the search function here and search for ‘letter of intent Lilith’ and it should come up. It’s a very simple method but I’ve heard others say it works very well. I even posted about it on my blog with his permission but you basically summon Lilith and ask her to send you one as she is bascially the overseer of all succubi and incubi.

Thank you very much kind sir/madam

Psst… Raven is very much a woman.

Try carl nagel ebook,also its a finbarr book,i tnk alexander ,he has a method too,

Damn i haven’t posted on here in a long ass time