Summoning a dead relative and forcefull possesion

Ok Iam gonna be quick about it. I want a ritual that will make the summoned dead to possess my body with my permission also the dead is a relative of someone I know. I want a possesion because I do not have a medium with me and currently is difficult for me to get into a trance by exercises or meditation. If anyone knows any way please tell me it is necessery to be done this way because I do not have the time to do lengthy meditation and rites. Just something that will make the spirit possess me after I give it some offerings. Thanks in advance in any advice that the members will give me.

If you don’t get a reply or PM with a tried-and-tested ritual then try contacting Buné, who’s REALLY helped me with similar stuff, I posted about that here.

Tahanks Lady Eva thats helpfull :smiley: