Summoning a Daemon in it's Original Land

Does it make any difference to summon a demon in it’s ancient land or any other place on earth?

For example summoning Melek Taus or Ahriman in Persia versus other places in other continents?

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I think it depends on you when you’re there
in that country then if he is easier evocable.
I guess it makes no big difference.

But that reminds me at Crowley and his colleague evoking Choronzon in the desert.

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I want to add to the expression ‘original land’
this land could be meaningless to the Demon just 'cause he lives in a Qlipha (sphere) and only appears on earth for his ‘work’. Demons aren’t like Dracula with a coffin on earth.


Well I’m talking about different masks of a certain God in a certain border and culture with temples dedicated to the specific Daemon.

These topics are not for ppl guessing about the subject but for those who have certain real fresh answers directly from the Daemons to enlighten the nation and spread true knowledge including @KurtisJoseph.

My answers aren’t satisfying, eh? :smiley:

How do u know?

Considered from your comment :wink:

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Take it easy bruh.

Where you are doesn’t matter because where their mythology is doesn’t mean that’s where they are. These beings exist on another plane, where you are on earth doesn’t matter because said places are far from their place of legitimate origins.



I belive preparing a place for the one you evoking is the only thing you need to do realy.

Getting in to the right mind state and invite respectfully.

And have trust in the evokation.


Two answers to this question.

1. I believe because the demons original land is actually in the spiritual domain, calling it in a country were it revealed itself to us and thereby that country is credited with a historical origin.
On one hand I believe this doesn’t change a thing or cause a difference

2. On the other hand countries and locations do sometimes make a difference, like in Haiti why is it the Loas are more in presence and more powerful in that place, than let’s say the states.
It isn’t necessarily the land it’s the people, it’s the local field of consciousness, shared by all the locals. Thereby a creates a sort off spiritual embryo around the land and the people are feeding this and feeding the spirits presence.

So it’s not really the land it’s mostly the approach, the setting and the method.


Well of course I believe u can summon Ahriman in Scotland or Canada as well as Persia but I’m thinking since I’m living in Persia and 99.99% of ppl have forgotten Ahriman or other precious Gods, Maybe its best for me to summon them instead of God’s from other cultures. While Persia already has a rich background of paganism and we still use pagan calendar so u know what I’m talking about?

I kind of started to believe that the reason Iran/Persia is ephed up is because the ppl didn’t give a shit to paganism no more and gods and stuck to phuking Islam so they have been cursed to this day and I as a Persian must regain my glory by remembering those beautiful GODS.


As @C.Kendall was into its not about the geographic location its more about the ppl or more precise the ”energy”.
Its easier to get connection with something that allready has a strong precense.
Old temple in flirt of long forgoten gods still holds an Eco of that precense which Will add to it but most important is If it aid your mind.
Being from persia Will not make any real difference you could go with whatever deity you want that said If you feel a strong connection to them and also base that on history and heritage then that is a good reason and help your determination and commitment so i say go for it.
As for the country being fuckwd up from islam before the ancient gods, may well be even thou my standard idea is that religion only plays a small role and the bigger piece is that ppl in general are idiots(;



The ancients didn’t just randomly built their temples in places. There are portals and power points on this planet that make your magic stronger.


Hiya OP! If a spirit has a land it originated from, mythologically and/or energetically, it’s influence over the events, minds, and patterns in that area is naturally stronger than it is in other places. The same goes for spirits in control of a specific land type or mass, such as mountains, forests, oceans, countries, continents, etc. (when celestial/star-born spirits are involved, the visibility of their star from where you are with the naked eye applies in the same way). This is why shrines, temples, and other portals are built- to reinforce the control of spirits in an area as to empower their ability to affect it more directly, or, to emulate that quality in a place far from their home. :slight_smile:

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I know specifically with Melek Taus (since you mentioned him) it makes no difference. The Yezidi believe that Melek Taus belongs to the world, and encompasses it. He’s not a localized entity.

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Of course he does.