Summoned Vapula Last Night

I’ve made a post 2 days ago about the struggles with Intermediate Algebra and how I believe that Vapula is the best candidate to assist me.

I took the advice from the replies from the first post I’ve made the other day.

The Summoning

Last night I drew up her sigil and waited until it was at midnight, I put on some headphones that was playing the enn in the background at the lowest possible frequency. I turned off the lights and put both hands in the middle of the sigil and said her name within my mind. I began to feel my finger tips begin to get hot. All around my body I started to feel this warm spots, I’ve felt like something was touching me. I told her my story and struggles but most importantly said I am looking for someone to chat with. After the enn chant was over I said goodbye and that I would talk to her tomorrow to better get to know her.

This Morning
I’m not sure if I mentioned in the last post but if I was disinterested in something I usually get very bad procrastination. I usually get out of bed around 11 due to being distracted from my phone or just being that tired. Today I woke up at 8:30 and actually got a shower within 5 minutes. I was going to work on my homework but my Dad asked me to go shopping for some food so I agreed.

The Music
While I was in the car, I turned on the 90’s station because that’s what my Dad likes to listen too. I’ve noticed 2 songs that played in the car on the way to the store. One was by Prince called 7. I checked the lyrics and realized how strange it was for that song to appear in the car, I’ve never heard it before. But the next song I’ll Stand By You by Pretenders was the nail in the coffin. I knew something was contacting me and was letting me know that they are of no threat but they are very friendly.

Let me know what you guys think. I am very happy today.


Was wondering last night what happened because you didn’t update your previous thread. Reading this, I’m glad Vapula is proving easy (and friendly, I feel later on) to contact and communicate with. She’s a very helpful spirit in general as long as you continue on properly and respectfully evoking her.

The music synchronicities are a great sign. Spirits do like using that as a form of communication due to it being one of the easiest to receive and interpret, both with newbies and adepts alike. You can also respond to these songs from Vapula by listening to a song or two and having her sigil + your intentions strongly in mind as you do so.

Do you practice other forms of divination? I think this is also a good time to do a detailed reading about you and your current working with Vapula.

I do not, I mainly just dapple with sigils. I’ve created 2 servitors before which they got their job done and they no longer exist.

Also I am kinda new to internet forums so bare with me lol. I am going too talk with Vapula tonight again. I have noticed that I am awakening my third eye because I can feel it.

Anyways I’m down for some recommendations for other forms of divination

Heh, it’s okay. While I’m not new to forums, I don’t open my notifications much and just let it pile up so I understand lol.

Goodluck to your talk again with her tonight! If you want, you can even make a journal (here or IRL, doesn’t matter really) about your workings with her so you’d be able to track your progress and take note of what’s working and what’s not.

Maybe try a pendulum divination for starters? There are a lot of threads about types and how-tos of divination around here, try studying and practicing the ones that resonate with you so Vapula would find it much easier to communicate with you throughout the working.

I don’t know how to continue the thread but I will inform you of what happened recently.

Things were going good, still feel pressure in my third eye. But last night a guy messaged me about how his life has been going and he thought I hated him. I don’t but I have mutual feelings. He is in an abusive relationship with his gf. So I have opened my experience with my ex girl friend and revealed why I broke up with her. I didn’t realize how bad she was taking advantage of me when I took acid. Anyway after I made him feel better, and he left the call I realized how lonely I was. How people how been treating me etc. Out of nowhere this happens,I am usually positive about things however, this does creep around me every few months. I then found out a girl I liked in a different country who gets me tells me she is in a relationship. I told her about how I felt about her, she understood. It’s ashamed that it couldn’t work out but we still talk. Another instance happened but I don’t want to get into it. The way he reacted to me just showed how much people actually treat me as a friend were I live.

How does this relate to Vapula?
This afternoon I was in the car again and a very I mean very specific song came on. Give it a listen, look at the title then read the lyrics. The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored (Official Video) - YouTube

Also I found a discord bot for math that not only gives me an example of the problem but shows me how to solve it on my own.

This shit is wild, I want to not only want to better myself but learn more.

What were you thinking about/feeling/doing prior to hearing the song? Taking note of that helps in interpreting song messages more easily and clearly. My interpretation though (Good song, BTW! Might add it to my playlist) for it is Vapula may be answering one of the questions from your original inquiry thread about her, the one wherein you’re asking about the most ideal offering for her. Simple: she “wants to be adored”. First, let’s discuss the lyrics. Keep in mind though, that I may be interpreting it differently from online sources talking about its meaning.

Taken from Genius (The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored Lyrics | Genius Lyrics):

I don’t have to sell my soul
He’s already in me
I don’t need to sell my soul
He’s already in me

  • I’m interpreting it as there is no need to go to great lengths in giving her an offering or communicating with her throughout the working. Selling one’s soul is the common mainstream misconception about summoning and asking for a spirit’s help, and for Vapula to say that there is no need to do such, it;'s evident that she’s not requiring a huge and shocking sacrifice/payment from you unlike some spirits may be prone to do. She may also be telling you that you have already successfully reached and communicated with her or that she has already slowly but surely began a change within you to help you achieve your goal (the “already in me” part). Perhaps you may find a subtle shift in the way you’re studying or just life in general? I’m also taking it as to accept these changes as they come, patiently go with the flow—no overthinking or any extra thing/action needed. Or at least, for this moment since energies change.

I wanna be adored
I wanna be adored

  • An obvious one about what she wants, but I’m taking it as not putting her on a pedestal or kissing up to her, simply more of thanking her or spreading her name, like what you’re doing now with your posts. Public recognition and pointing more people in her direction to be taught/work with her is the ideal offering. This makes more sense when you take note of the last chorus, wherein the lyrics are, “You adore me”. Again, no overthinking or going the extra mile needed for now. Continue with how you are connecting with her, whichever method you may be using, as well being as open as possible in receiving messages from her.

Now, let’s get to the structure and style of the song. The song begins with noises I interpret like that of a ringing in your ear, and this ringing can be subtly heard throughout the background. It sounds like the white ringing noise practitioners often report around here (similar to what I randomly experience too). Vapula may be calling your attention to develop and practice more of your clairaudience skills, or to simply pay closer attention to what you hear because auditory synchronicities are not limited to songs: you might get your next message from overhearing the news from the neighbor’s television or even a random snippet of a converstation, podcast, etc. The blurring of the white ringing noise, as well as the official artwork for this single (I Wanna Be Adored - Wikipedia) being a mishmash of colors seems to emphasize your tendency to overthink about the working/this path. Are you making things more complicated than they really are? Or maybe Vapula is wanting you to pay attention to your life in general: is there something you are currently dealing with and you are aware of the solution, but you’re not heeding your intuition on what to do about it (blurred white noise) and you’re trying to cover it up with things that, while colorful and out there for someone/everyone to see and maybe even approve of, does not really align with who you truly are or your goal to learn and better yourself (the jumbled artwork)?

The intro noise for the song also sounded like someone starting up a car to me, getting ready to begin the day and all that. The sense of normalcy and day-to-day I was getting from it tells me that Vapula may already be involved in your day-to-day progress and might even stick around to either observe or guide you in the mundane things you do.

The song itself is very simple, with verses being repeated and only a few additional lines being added by the end (which are simple too). My interp for it is transparency, clarity and straightforwardness from Vapula: if she confirmed the first time that she’d help, she will. Period. The song’s style could also stand for her personality: gentle, not overly chatty but communicates clearly what’s necessary and the willingness to listen (the frequent instrumental breaks between the simple lyrics).

Furthermore, we may also look into numbers if you want more info: the song lasts for 4 minutes and 53 seconds. Do these numbers have personal significance to you? How about if we add them together: say 4 + 5 + 3 = 12 or 5 + 3 = 8. Do you attribute a spiritual meaning to these numbers? Or maybe they’re among the repeating numbers you’ve constantly seen in the past? If not applicable, you can simply search for info about the spiritual meaning of these numbers and try to see which one resonates with you during the time you heard that song.

My last interp for the entire song could simply be Vapula calling you, er, out. Sometimes they do have a habit of doing that: with the experience you shared, could it be Vapula is shedding a light on your need to be “adored” by others, and how this might unconsciously impact how you value and look at yourself as a whole? The traditional meaning of the song, as well as the official music video seems to mock the constant human desire to be looked up to and “adored” by the majority. While I’m not getting that Vapula is mocking you, not at all, I feel as if she’s urging you to take a look at how you’re letting the people in your life affect you. Take what resonates of course, but a word of advice: just because other people or certain circumstances reject you does not mean you have to reject yourself as well.


I always have to take breath after reading your interpretations coz its so detailed i feel like the message for someone else hit to close to home to me​:joy::joy: …what divination did you use here?i thought with music you interpret lyrics & thats it?

Hahaha, I get that a lot even from people IRL so I apologize for my detail-obsessed self. I’ll try to answer your question as short as possible so we won’t derail OP’s thread.

Shufflemancy is the form of divination I used above, with a bit of videomancy (studied the music video and all that). Can recall sources saying these two fall under the over-all category of Technomancy. Usually, you just interpret lyrics and that’s it but IME lots of information and possible answers are missed out on when you overlook the other aspects of a song/video/imagery and don’t delve deeper than the standard methods and meanings of interpretation.

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Ok technomancy seem interesting…will check it out ty!:+1::+1::+1:

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