Summoned Duke Sallos and was given many signs

So, I asked him for a sign. A beatle appeared in the north west, sat for a min and then flew towards the altar. I did a Google search on sallos and the north west this is what appeared…

kinda of starange. I also noticed his spear is coming from the north west corner of his sigil. I guess I’m blessed that he is truely showed me the signs I have asked for. Hail Sallos


Here’s the beatle image! Was the first thing that popped up after ritual when searching.

The beatle on top of the full moon could mean many things I guess. My target is a cancer so. Maybe it was a sign he will deliver by the next full moon… what do you guys think?

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I meant north east* won’t let me edit for some reason.

You were passed the edit window of 1 hr.

Good to know. Thanks.