Summoned Azazel, & Netherlord Antharahtu

Opened the gates and summoned Azazel, into the circle with alot of incense smoke, I have worked with Azazel before and it takes some time and intense mental force to get the dark energy of the manifestation, I asked Azazel to grant me the aid of Antharatu and the other nethers. In the guidance of warrior/warlord/assassin/demonic instinct and destiny creation. to manifest a certain cache of weapons and a new cabin in the forest. Like EA said this is only the “firedrill”. My goal is to manifest sales of my Neoclassical paintings, to pay off a few debts and go through with this goals. Blessed be unto me. I will never be caught off guard again.


Good for you, I wish you all the best with your painting and manifesting your kingdom.
Ant’harratu comes through, even when you’ve forgotten you called him.

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Very cool, wish you success!

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