Summoned a lilitu - Conflict Resolution hah

Where to begin?
I found a good friend of mine had lied not only to me but their spouse, too. The matter in question is of an extremely… delicate… nature.

Spouse confronts me directly, then insists they aren’t ‘‘mad’’ with me (I should think not!) but I should avoid giving my friend ‘‘a hard time’’ about their actions. I’ve effectively been shut down, with no way of resolving this the normal way.

Ok fine. You want to live that way, very well, but I’m tired of people thinking that their actions come without consequences.

So, for the first time, I decided to summon a lilitu and actually create a pact to help me resolve this situation to my satisfaction.

I reached into the Abyss and saw it approach, though to actually see its true form was impossible for me, the grey fog was so thick. We made our pacts, set the terms clearly and sealed the deal. No regrets, and already I’m feeling more empowered (and excited it actually worked!) as the hours pass by.

Just wanted to share my story, it’s good to have an outlet where people don’t automatically assume you’re a nutjob. Feel free to comment.