Summon spirits

So like before I summon a spirit do you need to cleanse the room or something like that?


I’m completely new to this stuff.

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It can definitely help, especially with getting you in the mindset for evocation. I always clean my ritual area and do a smudging before I get started just to set the area right.


A classic way to start is with Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It begins and ends with the Qabalistic Cross, in its middle section there’s a drawing of 4 pentagrams in the air, towards the cardinal points, and minor invocations of the four Archangels.
Theoretically, when working with demons, an already existing LHP version may be used.


You could banish before and/or after the ritual. Also, before summoning the spirit.


You don’t to but it’s best to, for an example it’s equivalent to sterilising before injecting. The injection will still work without it, but if it’s sterilised there’s a lot like likelihood in other contamination.

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