Summon queen hamameh king ahmars daughter

our lesson today is how to
Summon and pact with queen hamameh
first of all u need to know ur real planet and the other thing about summon and pact with jinns
and important thing is master perimission then
you should to caculate your information about summon and tec then
when result earn
you should to do this ritual at that time and its diff for every one


repeat names 1000 times with special perfume in night and a pigeon come to ur room then her change her face into a very very beautiful women her name is hamameh
And make pact with her and your mind cant analys things that she do it

names are

ghaifala2aighala2shamekheen2shamekha2rabala2 salakeen2 saitalakeen 2

perfumes are

frankresin + corinder +mastic