Summon a novice-friendly spirit to help me keep awake?

Hello. I was wondering if there are any specific spirits who would be specially useful to give me an energy boost so I can stay awake for the next 48 hours (I’d draw the corresponding sigil/seal and gaze at it to activate it). I’ve already been awake for 24 hours, I want to keep going for 48 more hours in order to activate the Theta state of mind and loosen the fetters in order to astral travel and visit river Styx and Hades. I’m following the method exposed at the end of this blog entry:


I have the feeling that, concerning elementals, the better “suited” may be sylphs or salamanders.
Anyway I’ll look into the spirits listed by Bardon and the 72 angels, to see what comes up.


Yes his name is Arabizel the Demon Barista!
Patron of coffee producers, distributors and servers…



Now I know who to sell my soul to :slight_smile:


IMO any spirit really any spirit I have called I basically had to say as if I’m an old man



Great :smiley:

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I swear people are starting to look at the spirits as apps for their phones.

I need to accomplish XYZ!
There’s a demon for that!

You guys all know for an absolute fact that there’s at least one Spirit out there that gets called constantly for some of the most petty bullshit and is really starting to get fucking fed up. One day someone is going to summon an incredibly powerful being such as Azazel and is going to have him help with a love spell, Azazel is literally going to make him explode.


Hmm, I wonder what could go wrong if someone with arachnophobia summons Lord Ti-Tor plus his Eight Ajougun Underlords and the Burned Hordes of Lote to kill an spider :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done experiments with staying up and the best thing I found was to simply do things like gaming. Things that eat up massive amounts of time with very little interaction, but keep your attention fixed. Watching movies and shows helps as well. It’s like that phenomena where you meditate and can’t keep your head up, but can spend the next hour on BALG forums, no problem… Not that I’ve ever done that. :smirk:

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Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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As is my general rule now that I’ve ripped into him, let me go in and give us some good advice.

After the first two to two and a half days, the mind will thin through the veils easily enough, and that should be all you really need. 48-50 hours is pretty much all that’s really necessary for you to be able to see through the veils fairly easily.

Coffee, caffeine tabs, energy drinks, or simply walking around will keep you awake and help you to achieve that odd State between awake and asleep that you’re seeking, no summoning, no conjurations, no incantations, no circles required.


Thanks for the info, I guess I’ll take plenty of coffee and do a lot of walking then :slight_smile:

Was worried about developing caffeine tolerance before accomplishing my goal, so was going to start drinking coffee only after the first 48 hours. At around 24 hours couldn’t handle the sleepiness and accidentally slept for 1 hour. Hope I dind’t fuck up the “ritual”, I don’t know if I should start all over again with drawing the glyps and the kamea just in case

Honey, this is what Redbull is for

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I’m not a medical professional and so on… you know the story :slight_smile:

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