Summing Up : KARMA

Everything you believe about Karma, harming the free will or Influencing It goes here.
Karma with reference to Love spells, Enslavement spells, baneful magick, afterlife, reincarnation etc.

In magick, I personally believe karma to be a made up thing. Made by bigger cults (?)
To provide masses with a fear against using their whole potential. So, not everyone uses the most powerful forms of magick, Instead fear about all they commit to get their desires and in the end actually face the consequences of their action due to their frame of mindset.

You get what you do its the signal youre sending to existance the acion and the result you get not i hurt you i get hurt thats wrong . Thats how i understand it anyway

the actions of your life affects your next life and what you reincarnate as is the belief system, I believe it’s subjectively real but not objectively. So if you follow it you are within its scope of influence. If you don’t then well your life is your own.

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