Sumerian Deities

Hey everyone! It’s been a few months since I’ve been on so I hope everyone is doing well!

Anyway, as I am going over things with my spiritual path, I am very interested in the Sumerian pantheon…mainly because I have recieved something of a call.

I wanted to know, is there anyone in here who works or has worked extensively with the Sumerian deities (Enlil, Anu, Tiamat, Enki, Ishtar etc…)

If so, I would love to hear your thoughts and insights on them…as well as how to connect with them.

Thanks !!! Again, I hope everyone is well!!!


Hey, long time no see! I have been “all over” the Sumerian pantheon for almost a year now. I research them a lot, so I’d be glad to help you out if I can.


I work with Ereshkigal and Nergal. I don’t tend to do the pathwork-through-a-pantheon thing. If certain entities reach out to me, and I feel drawn to them, then it’s personal between us.

So my contact with these is personal, they each have thier own shrine and I talk to them sort of freeform using empathy and clairsentience.

I did do some initial preparatory immersion into thier stories when I first felt called, but there’s not so much out there. There’s an anthology of personal work for Ereshkigal, and there is probably loads for Inanna and the more popular gods. It was interesting, but nothing like my personal path.


Ereshkigal is an amazing goddess. I do want to work with here in the near future. But I also agree that even though I research, I mostly work with Ningishzidda. Though, I have summoned Enki and Tiamat in the past.


Indeed it has been! Lol.

I want to know everything you can share! Lol. Even if we have to go private.

I know NOTHING about them and was never interested until Tiamat came to me in a dream last year. Now…I am POSSIBLY interested in getting started with them…but I want to know some basic stuff first…don’t want to get into anything I can’t handle. Lol


Sure, there’s a lot of info, but I can give you a preview.

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Yeah…:the path working doesn’t draw me that much. I’d probably go more the route it seems you have taken. Lol .

Anything helpful you can share would be much appreciated!

Erishkigal…that’s the goddess of the underworld right?


Yeah…Tiamat is who came to me! How was it working with her and Enki?

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Great!!’ Lol :joy: thank you!

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I’ve met them quite a few times, mostly Anu, Tiamat, Enki, Ishtar, Apsu, Anshar, Kishar, etc.


Oh wow. That’s a lot of them. Lol.

How was the experience? Any tidbits of advice?

Even though I hear a lot about them, I have only been in contact with Tiamat, Enki, Ningishzidda, Anu and I also get signs from Innana. Really amazing spirits indeed.

@BabyDragon Tiamat was just really amazing. She is a really dark goddess, but not the negative darkness, if that makes sense… As for Enki, I’ve worked with him mostly due to my connection with Lucifer and Ningishzidda.


I have had contact with other spirits from the Sumerian pantheon, but mostly blind messages. Though it’s my fault, since I never tried to summon them all. Just as much as I needed, so that I could have the answers I wanted.


Great. Question…people around here associate Lucifer with Enki right? Do you?

I think so. Darkness is not always a negative thing despite how our modern society sees it.

You can have a dark presence and not necessarily be evil…more…withdrawn and subtle maybe?? Even though there is a lot of power in that subtlety. Lol


I personally do. Though, they’re most likely masks of each other. Or aspects, if you will. But each magus has his own experiences. So, it’s hard to truly tell the connection. Besides, some connections, as humans, we don’t really get them.

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Yes, that exactly!

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From my experience while Apsu and Tiamat are the void, Lahmu and Lahamu are the cosmos, then Anshar and Kishar are sky and earth, I met Kishar in her own realm where she had other humans there, she mentioned how they were the humans created by Enki.

Tiamat and I have a relationship in a way it’s mostly jokes, but I respect her nonetheless, and Anshar and Kishar are pretty interesting to hang around, mostly focused on their own things when I’m around.


Interesting…I was just reading about that connection and someone was saying that it came from Ancient Aliens and Zechariah Sitchen…are you familiar?

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Yes, she’s the goddess of the Underworld, called Kur. She provided that for one part of the country, and Nergal did it for another part - the North if I recall correctly. At some point historically the cultures merged, and a story reconciling the two was made, so that Nergal became her consort for a while.

It’s good to know what humans in the past have said about entities, I find that if you know that, they can use the info to aid communication with you. However, I think your own communication with the entity is what really builds your relationship, so if in doubt, go with your personal impressions.

Tiamat came to me in a dream last year.

Sounds like it’s not so much ‘them’ as ‘her’, then. She could probably introduce you to others as and when she felt it appropriate.


@Velenos Yes, I also have similar experiences with such beings.

@BabyDragon While Zechariah Sitchen did translate some really useful texts, it’s only his part of the truth, because he wasn’t a magus. Using some of his texts is fine, but we as magi know much more and we can connect much more. As for aliens, according to the Sumerian myth, the Anunnaki were aliens that came to Earth.

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