A woman that I care the most about is very sick of this world and is longing for the Abyss, for the void, she sees suicide as the answer to get there. She also thinks on the other hand that she might be stuck in some kind of a limbo and would never have an option to reincarnate or to ascend and basically be imprisoned in some astral prison.

I have the same feelings of disgust about this world and longing for the Abyss, the void but I do not see suicide as an answer and I do not believe a soul can be trapped in some astral prison. I do think life is a quest of becoming a God. I have failed in all my attempts to convince her. And even if she says she is not planning to do anything now, she has this constantly in her mind as she agrees quite a lot with anti-Cosmic Satanism. What can I do ?


Rise your vibrations and ask someone you trust for help. There is always another way to life!


I agree with your position these days, but as someone who’s been where she is, I think you should mind your own business. It’s not your responsibility or say so, death is not a bad thing, and you have no idea if its not the best thing for her spiritually right now. It’s for her to decide, and it doesn’t help when selfish do-gooders make it all even harder.


I just see suicide as something that according to reincarnation will return you back to learn the same lessons until you pass them and death is not an escape.

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Who? That’s why I ask here.

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I hope this helps with something…

  1. You don’t know that, it’s your opinion, and you shouldn’t be making spiritual decisions for others at all, imo

  2. Death is absolutely an escape, from this life, these parents and this situation. Period, she won’t be doing THIS again. And that may be exactly what she needs. It’s like having a bad hand at cards - you don’t wait to waste any more money (time and energy), so you just you fold and try again, hoping for a better hand.

Sometimes, the plans don’t work out and things turn out tougher than you expected. They did with me. It’s not for anyone else to say. I wish I’d finished the job 25 years ago. It would have been much better, now I know what I know now. It’s too late now the windows of opportunity have closed. I’m resentful to the spirit that stopped me, it wasn’t it’s business and it shouldn’t have interfered. Now I’m stuck. And I’m pissed off about it.

Having said that, I wouldn’t tell anyone. So maybe the fact that you even know, is her looking for help and you’re doing what she wants. That I can get behind.

But in that case, the problem is already half solved because she’s looking to stay. So, find out how to fix what’s making her want to leave, not what might make her not want to go home across the veil.


The best option would be to call a crisis hotline and proceed from there. Trying to fix the problem on your own usually doesn’t help (speaking from experience). Get professionals involved too.

Here’s a good article on how to proceed with this (requires a bit of scrolling):


That’s irrational on so many levels that i do not even where to begin. You don’t know that as well, so obviously your side of the argument lacks any kind of supporting evidence. If there was a shortcut and escape, everyone would jump off a clip. But evolution doesn’t go that way for a reason. You don’t know if you have suicided 5000 lifetimes before and always on same issues and always refusing to fight the struggles and rise but rather try to escape as for some delusional anti-cosmic Satanic ideology.

What is making her want to leave is the fact that both she and I are seeing this world as a prison, a place of suffering. I cannot yet change the world and bend it to my will.


Start working with higher vibrations as @Miku said. I recommend Ganesh or AA Rafael he cures not only physical problems.


She was hospitalized before and it was hell for her, i do not want that to happen to her again.

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But i am not talking regarding myself here.

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Then ask AA Rafael and another High vibrations spirits to help her.
Demons are nice in many ways but still I see in her situation AA Rafael, he helped me with depressive thoughts about suicide just by talking to him.


Then make sure she ends up in a better hospital. Or find her a counselor/psychologist she can trust.

Not involving professionals is a bad idea especially when you aren’t equipped to deal with situations like these. Don’t let one really bad experience stop her from seeking help again.


You cannot convince her. You can’t convince someone that life is worthwhile when said person is even too weak to take a shower or to clean up that fucking plate that has been laying on the bedroom floor for several weeks now.
I think it’s important for her to be allowed to drag apart the idea of suicide. Not to fulfill it but to validate that her feelings matter and that it’s not about some fresh air and a healthy diet.
Seeking help is important, tho. She needs a one to one therapist who talks to her and who is professional enough to make out those red flags.


And sometimes it not about banishing the idea of suicide or the abyss. For some people it’s a part of them that will never disappear. It’s not incompatible with life, though. They’ll approach life through a different angle and sometimes you’ll have to take some extra care on those people, if they let you.
In the end, everybody is making his own decision and you can only do so much. Help, when you are allowed. And don’t blame yourself on anything.


When practicing as a professional alternative healer I recommended this to my friend’s sister to restore her will to live: The flower essence very powerfully addresses the underlying issues around the will to live. She gave me feedback that it helped her and within a few days of taking it she was fine again, the suicidal urge at that point was overcome. Counselling from a trusted licensed professional is also a good idea in conjunction with magickal workings to help her move forwards without the need to create dependence on drugs as part of the suicide crisis management process.


I recommend contacting Letana, the Encouraging Angel, from Kingdoms of Flame, for your friend. She “gives courage and strength when despair prevails.”


I’ll switch the question around, how do you know?
Tribes of the past felt if you no longer had a purpose to self or tribe you should not bring the tribe down so they would go out in the woods and die.
Over simplified but still a different view point.

Some people actually do know their past lives too, so it’s all subjective even your opinion.

If you don’t agree, that’s fine, get her to a crisis hotline first off and maybe call Marbas and Raphael to see what’s going on with her.
They can see things you (and even she) won’t realize.


I honestly think you should get help from other place rather than here. Magic is good and all, but you should use first your more direct resources. Physical ones. Human help. Charities, organisations against depression and suicide… I mean…c’mon.