This is a touchy subject for me but I would like insight from this forum.

What do you think would happen if someone from our path (according to their deity of choice) committed suicide?


From what I’ve heard they reincarnate under similiar circumstances, it’s like playing the same level on a video game. Don’t know if I buy that, but I could see it, if that makes any sense.


It probably depends on their spiritual development. There are some that might kill themselves to ‘transcend’ or try to obtain a new body of choice, forced reincarnation we have been hearing about on the forum recently. If they are on our path then they should have a plan on how to deal with death.


My personal perspective on this is culminated from world theology as well as scientific observation.
Magick truly teaches us for every action is a consequence. The beings that we have been incarnate to in our current shell is composed of ancient atoms, space, and other star material. And while we get lost in our own personal experience here on earth we tend to forget that we are part of a greater construct, much like the cells that compose the organ, and the organ that composes the animal, and deeply engrained with that the inescapable mass consciousness.
When a star dies. It has three potentials, become a black hole, slowly burn out, or explode into a supernova.
I agree about the concept of being reincarnated into similar if not slightly more difficult circumstance, but here we arrive to another difficult quandary…while western society shuns the act, far eastern cultures and beyond has maintained a history of honor being attached to it.
Intention I feel has a lot to do with it. The way I personally look at suicide is like this, If you have a stake in something great how do you make your greatest impact, and at the end was your intention guided by love.


While my message falls under do what thou wilt, I want to make it clear to people who are feeling suicidal, that these feelings pass, there are great memories you have yet to make, and you may be surpised by who ends up missing you.
Consider talking to someone who is equipped to talk about it.


Thank you for your replies :blue_heart::black_heart::blue_heart::black_heart:


read my message I wrote you

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I wrote you some tips I think they could help you

I agree cause I wanted to commit suicide last year badly. Now I am still in depression but I don’t feel like I Wana hurt my self any more. All that sadness became anger I crave now too punch holes in the walls I get angry easy I feel like I am not my self anymore . Good think I work out hard at the gym and I release some of all that anger.


This is strictly from a Nordic perspective and not even LHP, but there was nothing wrong with it. Óðinn himself was the “God of the hanged” he “sacrificed himself to himself” etc…

These are debated within the community a bit so I can’t say really. It happens, who knows if it is worth it or not. Nobody has ever reported back. You wouldn’t be seen as weak, or anything. Reach out if you need.

There’s no set in stone “all suicides go to hell” or guaranteed negative action for taking your own life scenario, if that’s what you’re asking. I would investigate whatever you feel the afterlife is, if there is one, etc, that way you can have a better idea yourself of what would follow.

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You will be stuck your body as a ghost until the time you were suppose to be expires. I have no desire to go out via suicide but rather using this vessel as a means for human sacrifice.

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I think some souls get stuck attached to their bodies or the place they die after they commit suicide. But they can be helped and the role of a shaman in the days of yore was to help lost and earthbound souls. I think others simply go where they expected to. But I agree with @PaterOctavius888 that it’s all about why they committed suicide. And it’s not really a one size fits all equation. Depends on the individual, their spiritual development, their intentions, their expectations of an afterlife, etc.


Let me comment on the Church a bit and why I left these ideas. The church says that someone committing suicide will go to hell or the Christian hell. Well if you really know how people feel when they commit suicide and how wonderful those people are, then I do have a lot of trouble with these ideas. Unfortunately I did know a few who took the plug out. Once more they are the most wonderful people (maybe they are so sensitive they can’t handle life).

I did some research and went very far in this research. I even have contact with diseased. So I go with @FraterMagni here. People could get lost. But in my opinion it’s certain that they can get help too (from Angels or other beings). So that they would land in the same circumstances I doubt. As a soul they still can go to a very positive reincarnation or to heaven/void whatever their path is.


Life is a learning path so you will learn things you have to learn. But that doesn’t have to be negative.


@Borgy I’ve got to agree with you there. Sometimes it seems like some of the loveliest people end up dying this way. I loathe the idea of them getting a one way ticket to burn in hell. Doesn’t jive.


I personally feel they go through their “personal hell” to move forward into a state where they can possibly reincarnate. It really just depends.


My mother was RHP, maybe a little LHP. But that’s more because she was raised that way. She had a troubled life, addiction and tried to end life one day (this didn’t work, I’m so thankful). But she did die young because of a second time cancer. Because of circumstances in life her path, it was not the path she needed to take (I’m sure of that now). We did forgive each other and we are in contact now. So I’m quite sure of the ‘not in a burning place.’ :wink:


In my opinion if people die young because of a disease they get another task. How difficult that may be for us.

But if people here think about suicide. Then please look at the comment of @DavidSmith. Because like we have seen here you will get over it. So please get help, inform loved ones if needed. You may think you have nobody, but people love you just the way you are. Remember that always.