Suicide. Talking to dead

I searched and couldn’t find what I was looking for. Maybe I’m devastated right now. This morning a very very close friend was found with a self inflicted GSW. Took me several hours to confirm it wasn’t a hoax. My questions are…how do we communicate with the ones who’ve passed? Can I have my demon guardians make sure he’s ok and not lingering? Can my demon guardians make sure he finds peace?

Do you have your senses actives?

If so, I’ve read in several grimoires that there are demons and angels that can help you to communicate with the dead.

Can’t remember any specifics names, but surely some other member can, since I’m not talking of any obscure grimoires.

My best wishes for you. I hope you can be sure your friend is at peace.

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Good luck my only experience with doing that was random and I didn’t even know he was dead until I talked to his brother later. I just was stoned and started talking to myself knowing the gods hear me trying to have wise thoughts then though of him and his relationship with God and how I would love for him to fix it then I Hurd him say Don’t tell me about God. I mainly thought about Jahova Lilith and Lucifer at the point in time. If your unable to confirm he’s ok spiritually and no lingering I’d try making a offering to Santa Muerte for his safe passage to his final destination.


The Morrigan, Bune, Naamah… those are some of heavy hitters I can think at the top of my head, in regard to psychopomps. Then again, if they already crossed, they don’t need a psychopomp, but maybe they can inform you if he did pass? Just thinking here.


Thank you. Bune has helped me many times. Maybe I’ll reach out.

I hope my current emotional state wouldn’t affect the communication.

Give yourself a minute before starting. Maybe take a shower, meditate and then try to reach out.

Best wishes.


Look into psychopomp deities such as The Morrigan(s), Cernunnos, Bile, Odin, etc or death entities like Azrael, however, if your friend had a particular faith say christian then angels, whatever psychopomp entity to their faith.


Thanks. I deleted my previous emotional ramble.
He didn’t have a faith. He was a soldier though.

I haven’t done it personally , I have however astral travelled and contacted spirits in a variety of ways , if you’d like to do that practice a variety of different methods to do so , also you can simply make offerings to a spirit of death , I believe there is a goetia spirit who’s office is dealings of the dead

Birth is death <> Death is birth.

He is still sol-die-ring on

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I am sorry for your loss. I have had a family friend commit suicide so I have an idea of how you must be feeling. There is not much I can add to the advice above. Since you have a relationship with Bune, I would suggest that route, although you can’t go wrong with Azrael or Anubis as well. I also have a small memorial rite here you can check out if you feel it would be of some help, as I know funerals are a little trickery with the current situation in the world. My condolences again.

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First of all, sorry for your loss, I hope you are taking care of your mental health and you have support in this time of tremendous crisis and grief. If you can, extend support to others who knew him as well.
Getting to the magick advice, I’d say sending demons after your friend could be dangerous for a number of reasons. If you have angels on your side too, that might be better, but I have some reservations about that as well. I talk to the dead by visiting their graves, unless I can’t get to where they’re buried, if they’re buried at all and not cremated or something else. If you don’t want to wait until your friend is buried, you could also go to the place where he was found dead if that’s not too traumatic for you. Meditate there and see if you feel anything. I’ve never literally heard voices from the dead before, but I can feel all sorts of sensations that indicate to me what the souls of the departed want to convey. Be sure to cast a protective circle around yourself if you’re going to do this. Evil spirits and negative energies are attracted to places where suicides have occurred and possibly even where the victim is buried. If you can, you should do a cleansing ritual in the place where the your friend ended his life, and another at the spot where he is buried, just to be sure there’s nothing nasty lingering around there. But I’m digressing a little. When you meditate, should you feel calm and at peace, and welcome in the spot that you are meditating in, then your friend’s soul is at peace and at rest. If you feel uncomfortable or alienated as if you shouldn’t be there, then your friend may still be haunting that place, or some malevolent entity could be there as well. You could also use a Oujia board, but that’s very risky. Again, you should cast a protective circle around yourself, and make sure you have friends with you who are also using the board. Be sure to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” when you are starting and ending the Oujia board session, and be sure to close/dispell the circle when you are done, otherwise you could leave an open portal to the spirit world and gods only know what sort of unholy abominations could slither out of there. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT THESE RULES ARE!!!

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Thank you. My friend is still awaiting to be released from county. So his service probably won’t be for another 2 weeks. I will need his brother to hike me into the part of the woods where he ended his life. And I don’t want to put him through that as he’s the one that found him during the search and rescue.

I decided to get myself in a balanced mental and physical state before I try anything as advised by everyone above.

Part of me sensed something was attached to him before and after his death. And I must take great caution also suggested if I choose to communicate.

My heart is broken and in my minds eye can see the path he took To the area he ended it all, the car he drove, where he parked, and his mumbling as he walked. However, the why still haunts me.

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The why factor is mostly why suicide is high impacting. There’s a lot of questions that remain unanswered. The turmoil is buried deep. Sometimes it can’t be figured out.

You can’t work out if they had a regular day and just went and done it or they if snapped and done it.

On average, suicide immediately impacts at least 4-6 people on average. Globally. It is heavy hitting and unbearably one of the harsher realities of life to where self extermination exists as a preemptive act of self preservation. It’s almost ironic.

They want to go, so they can keep going. I’ve lost a high school friend and know others who’ve passed away from suicide and I seem to see them in dreams shortly afterwards and it is them; in a more happy and jovial tone.

They seem so “normally” themselves and happy in the dreams that it leads me to think they are where they’re suppose to be or what could’ve been here if they just waited a day, to not do it. Maybe before sleeping at night, call out to him — ask him to please appear in your dream or to send a calling.

It’s sad, I’m sorry for your loss. Message me at anytime if you need to talk.


You could set up a space in your room to talk to them. I wrote something about it earlier this year. Its simple, just have to have developed senses.

You can alter that to fit your friend.

Good luck.


I am so very very sorry. I can not even comprehend what you are going through at this time. My sincere condolences.

I speak to the dead through dreams and one thing i’ve learned is if you don’t hear or speak to him in any short amount of time don’t take it personally. I’ve found, even with my own fathers passing, that sometimes it takes them a bit to learn their new way of communication. I have found that it can take sometimes weeks or months as they are learning their new lifeform. So if you don’t get any information regarding him try and give it some time as he may not be able to speak and communicate yet.

Peace and light to you.


Today marks the 7th day of his death. My culture believe the spirit returns to visit family and friends.

I have set up an alter as advised above so I can also place some offerings for tonight.

A medium also DMed me telling me I was not wrong that I felt dense heaviness and lots of deep emotions from my friend as he has not crossed over as I’ve felt. Not sure what that means.

In the mean time, my guardian demons have not approached him to offer help. I hadn’t petitioned any angels or demons for help, I was planning on waiting to see how things feel after his service in a few weeks.

Again, thank you all for the support and advices. It was needed and much appreciated.