Suhntlok evocation


So yeah I did an evocation of Suhntlok tonight.

After setting everything up I did the incantation and conectrated on Suhntlok coming. I felt his presence manifest much more quickly then Hentyos, Paralda or Dantalion had. Usually if its a spirit I’m not familiar with it takes more effort. But the pillar of cold air manifested in front of me as I felt his presence even though I could not see it. After his arrival I stated my requests and asked him if my end of the bargain was enough for him to full what I had asked. He seemed to be quite eager tod o so, so I sent him on his way after we reached the end of our dialogue.

Suhntlok will assist me in creating my empire, part of this will revolve around something dormant I’m not supposed to talk of. In this area he will work with another spirit associated with me I’ll refer to as Gaz. Next week will be Alatalsta.


So yeah like in the case of Hentyos, I had suhntlok make my copy of boa into a talisman that would help me learn about what he does. I tried sleeping with it under my pillow and I had this dream.

In this dream I was some kid in school named Alucard, but what no one knew was that I was actually dracula. Something I can’t remember too well happened with a girl and a waterfall and as a result everyone started to hate on me including a freind and a former co-worker. This is mostly because of something the girl by the waterfall said, I later turned her into a vampire. She tried to use her powers to fight against me making a demon dog to do it, but I bit her again which enslaved her and killed the demon dog. Toiward the end of the dream she broke free and was about to attack again but then found some sunglasses which somehow lead us to a place in a garage that was giving away something to eat that would turn us back into human. She gladly accepted, but I took something instead that would turn me into something more powerful.

So yeah on the surface it just looks like some weird dream, but I kind of have a feeling there’s alot of hidden messages in here that have to do with suhntlok and/or hentyos. One thing is the character I played in the dream, Dracula. I’m not really supposed to talk about it, but Dracula and my true self do have one thing in common. So that may have been a metaphor for that.


This is awesome Defectron! Really interesting! I love reading other peoples experiences!


This is quite interesting Defectron. Being some kid in a school named ALUCARD, and those letters spelled backwards is DRACULA.