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On a magician’s first encounter with a daemon. Does he protect himself? How and in what way that does not disrespect the daemon? Does one treat the daemon respectfully while being safe from harm? Does one call on a god (not the biblical god) to watch over the Conjuration? Or do they call on a protective daemon? What daemon is best to start off with? Do you stick to business or add in some pleasure (social or sexual)?

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I would say the only protection you need is a banishing before the actual ritual. This is juts to get rid off of bad vibes, bad juju and not invited spirits.
Also if you have a guiding spirit, you can always call him for an extra support in case something bad happens. Being respectful with a spirit is no different to be respectful to a person. And if you feel like you said something wrong just apologize. But be alway confident in yourself and try to talk to them like equals to you. In general an evoked spirit wont harm or maybe it will, but it may be proof to see your reaction.
About protection spirits you already called them by the banishing. If you wish to call for a God is ok, you can always say “in the name of satan, baphomet, lucifer or mickey mouse” but I personally always try to order in the name of myself, seeing my self as a figure of authority (and a God). Its all about confidence.
I think there are some threads about demons for beginners but I would recommend you to use you intuition and feel which demon calls/attracts you the most.
For your last question first I would keep with the busines. Dont suddenly change your petition or something like that, that could make them angry. But after awhile working with the spirit, you may be more intimate.

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Glenn the Ghoul

  1. You should always protect yourself. Don’t attack of course, just let it be known that you are prepared for the possible shit storm if there is one.

  2. Disrespect comes from showing that you are more “powerful/egotistical” than them. Regardless of whether the archetype of your mind or the universal thought form themself shows up. The disrespect always comes from thinking you are more prepared than they are.

  3. You should treat them as if you would treat a guest in your home. Think of it like someone who has visited and has information or a gift or something to give you in return for an open ear, they’re not your friend and they’re not your enemy, they just exist and you’ve invited them in. Treat them the same way you would treat that person.

  4. You can call on your own thought forms to protect you but you should always be cautious in what you do with those thoughts.

  5. You can call whoever you may have formed a bond with in the past… spirit guides, guardians, spirit creatures… etc… It’s hard to say honestly if this is a good or a bad thing. I’ve never done it.

  6. I can’t answer which one is the best for beginners because in my experience I have made extremely stupid choices that lead me to losing my mind temporarily but you can always research and research and research… That’s honestly the best bet you have. The more you know about your visitor before you invite them… The better your meeting will be.

  7. I’m not sure how to answer the sexual aspect but I have offered drugs in the same way I would have a regular visitor to my home but it’s honestly up to the thought form you have invoked / evoked or the constant you have invited into your space. Would you feel comfortable in this interaction? Inhibitions are a different type of thing when dealing with the metaphysical.

Hope that helps.


Business and pleasure don’t contradict themselves, there have been whole business sectors built on that aspect alone (ahem)

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