Suggestions on this (Papa Legba)


So I had a dream lastnight. I entered my office (which is were I practice) and I called out to Papa Legba 3 times. He came like a rush of cool wind circulating around me like a mini tornado. It was peaceful. I have no ludicd dreaming abilities so this was all just a dream. Or was it? What are your suggestions on this? Thanks in advance.

Shadow Guy with a Top hat

when I have called Papa Legba … I always notice his presence as a wind … a refreshing breeze touches my face and the leaves of the trees move. so it’s very possible


I forgot to mention I saw him briefly in the wind. He wore a black hat and a black cloak.


Yep, it usually looks like this … surely wants to communicate with you, the spirits of Africanism do not usually appear in dreams very often


Interesting. Thanks for the info.


The Lwa are kind of known for appearing in the dreams of some people. Others don’t see them in dreams. He must be trying to get your attention.


Thanks. I guess making contact is the next step