Suggestions needed for a “project manager entity”

Hey all,

So back in October a wall in my house started leaking water. Landlord has hired a restoration company who have turned out to be really shit at time management and project completion. This company currently has over 50 projects and not enough staff. They’re giving me a finish date of Dec 31.

I’m not ok with that timeline. At all. This company has screwed me with their delays and the state of my living room is that I can’t use it. These people have zero project management skills.

So what entity would you suggest to whip this company into shape and have them complete the repairs earlier than the date they gave me? Feel free to name some meaner spirits, because tbh it shouldn’t take 3 months to replace a window and a bit of floor.

Thanks for your time, it’s much appreciated.

Eligos comes to mind for this type of thing, though Paimon would likely also be a solid choice since he’s talented at mind-slaving people.

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Thanks for replying!

Would you be able to link me to or tell me more about Eligos? Paimon I’m somewhat familiar with from reading on the forum, but I’ve never heard of Eligos.

I see a rent reduction in your future, a better lease negotiation too. It’s not ok for a leak to be repaired in such a slow time, mold etc can grow causing all kinds of health problems.

I would summon your landlord and get local housing authority involved, they love this kind of stuff even more so if kids are involved. Depending on how uninhabitable it is, he should be putting you in a short term rental.

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The building I’m in was bought by a new landlord, who has said we don’t have to pay rent this month, or any rent until the project is done. He just acquired the building about a week ago.

I’m currently speaking to the housing authority of BC (Canada) about this as well. The rental rate in my province is 1%, and we live rural so moving unfortunately isn’t an option because there’s literally nowhere else to rent.

New landlord has been pushing this company to work faster. There’s been some work done, they’ve tore out the walls, put in new insulation and put drywall up, but I mean this “work” has been happening for over a month and the stress of people in and out all the time is taking a toll on myself and my spouse. There are no kids.

So on the mundane level, I’ve about done everything I can.

This company is fucked. They have 50 projects in my town alone, never mind the surrounding towns. They were just purchased by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. The old owner left the company with $400,000 debt. They have no coordination, company is basically just free falling at this point as they scramble to do everything. Their incompetence is shocking. I want this shit done and I want them to pay for the stress they’ve caused due to their lack of planning and coordination.

Contractors are in short supply in my area also, it’s a sellers market.

You could also try Agares to stimulate decision and action - maybe on both them and the landlord to switch contractors or otherwise put a rocket up them - they are overwhelmed and will service the people shouting the loudest first I expect.

But I got help from Paimon on mine with success. The project manager called me ‘by accident’ and we had a good conversation that moved things forward.

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Thanks for your reply!

It really is a sellers market. The guy they sent to my house to fix things is actually a subcontractor, and its through him I found out all the dirt about this company.They’re definitely overwhelmed.

I think I’m leaning toward King Paimon for this particular issue.

Eligos is in a nutshell, a soldier, a leader. He’s good with instilling discipline and understanding between superiors and workers/grunts.

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Cheers, I appreciate the info!