Suggestions: Less Passionate Sex Punishment

So I gave this girl that I like alot, the best sex she’s ever had. By using the infused in her alcoholic drinks along with a petitioning to Beleth and a Passion increasing Spell from the Anthology of Sorcery volume 3 Book of Spells, but she’s a bit of a gold digger and wants to go to Europe and find Mr. Rich Dick and I don’t want her to leave so as punishment I don’t want her to ever experience the kind of sex/cunnilingus OMG multiple orgasms that I have given her, so I’m curious as to what Goetian god would be appropriate for making sex less passionate for her so that she comes running back to me to eat her pussy, like a god?

If you’re going to go that far why not just bind her to you directly? Call upon Astaroth, they will give you the advice you seek.

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She’s a Meth-Head, no loyalty, no trust.
I want nothing to do with her anymore.
She’s gonna fuck around, but we’re not.
I want her to regret immensely.
Hmmm, “REGRET”, I already know of who to contact for this.

I’m thinking about doing the Ugly Stick Spell. I’m recalling all the evil shit this souless bitch has done. Maybe an injustice ritual with Belial. The more I think about this, the more I want to custom tailor something just for her, using various spirits.

Take away her sex drive and make it sour. Plenty of creative options for this one and you can acquire everything fairly easily.


Easily. This is a photo of a work done on a man. I can’t take credit for this beauty it was done by a friend on someone who accosted her son. This was obviously male:

For a female use a kiwi or peach in place of the eggplant. There are lots of things you can get creative and add but I would stress the effectiveness of salt peter. Dead fire ants, maggots, hot peppers… see where I’m going. Make sure her name is written and stuffed inside and pin or sew that bitch up. You can let it decay naturally or speed up the process by soaking it in something acidic a few days then letting it rot.

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The phrase …“She’s a meth-head” makes me wonder if you have to do anything at all? A few years of moderate meth useage and her odds of finding a sugar-daddy are slim to none. Soon she will be just another “poop slut” looking like a withered jack-o’-lantern…

Poop slut? You mean weird shit like shitting on peoples chest? I hear thats a thing with some people.

Lol, no, meth is often called “poop” and its desparate female chasers (notorious for being cheap and willing to do anything for their fix) are referred to as “poop sluts”.

…the more you know