Suggestions for LHP-themed Sleeve Tattoo

Can anyone suggest a website for designing a LHP-themed sleeve tattoo?

Honestly bro just find an artist you like and come up with some things you want to include and he or she will be able to think up something you’d like. Every time I speak to tattoo artists they tell me come in with suggestions or reference and they’l draw up something cool! :slight_smile: Hope this helps


I just google “Occult tattoo”, and look through that. I don’t have any tattoos (although thinking about getting one). However just searching up the general theme of tattoo you want, then you can look for ideas of what you individually might want. Inspiration.

Tip, make sure it means something to you and isn’t just cause it “looks cool”. Tattoos are pretty much permanent.


This is a good point, the best is you have some pics in general. Who you are connected and have a Story with it.
The Rest will make the Artist.
And special sleeves growing with Time