Suggestions for group rituals?

Are there any suggestions for group rituals?? Something interesting and for some open minded agnostics? I can’t find a group ritual that I can do with some agnostic friends.


That all depends on what they want and are willing to do for it, ask them individually what they wish to accomplish then go from there.

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So in other words a ritual that’s suitable for an agnostic…?

I mean something that has a strong impact on my agnostic friends. A ritual that they’ll be able to notice because of the power of the ritual, so something powerful for them.

Demonic Evocation.

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I mean if you feel like being mean there’s the poltergeist option.

Otherwise demonic Evocation makes sense as @Lokthoriel said. The daemonic lowers their vibration to our vibration temporarily to better communicate with us and manifest things or themselves in the physical. So, the idea would be to ask them to go to their houses.

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