Suggestion Re EAK Books (Order to read)

Hello all,

I’m lucky enough to have bought the entire collection of EA Koetting’s books (apart from Complete Works).

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a productive order in which to read (and practice) them? I understand that various books have different directions and thus often it is a matter of preference, but really wanted to get any input from others before beginning.

Thanks in advance.

All of his books are good

All of them have a place

What do you seek to take away from his teachings?

I’ve been using his materials for years, I’ll make it simple. I know how long that post is, but the complete works is 900 pages, and this will give you an idea of what to expect, and where you might want to spend your time.

Koetting’s material is all about using magick, through ritual AND states of mind and altering your own consciousness. The purpose of this ultimately is your spiritual ascent to godhood in a very Left Hand Path and Black Magick perspective, and what that means is attaining states of god consciousness, specific to the 3GP

THE Three GP are the Three Godlike Powers. These are Omniscience (DIVINATION), Omnipotence (EVOCATION), and Omnipresence (SOUL TRAVEL).

Ideally these are learned in this order, because if you soul travel without training your spiritual sight through divination, you might not see much, it might be blurry, and you might not make much of your experience in another realm. Also, if you can’t see a spirit, or can’t consciously connect with it during an evocation, it’s hard to feel like you’re commanding anything in an evocation and many give up hope when they never had a chance to succeed. So you start with Divination, move onto evocation, and through evocation you can find spirits for everything, like learning how to soul travel, or how to increase your spiritual sight far beyond what most people can achieve in years in mere months, or even weeks if you can manage to not go insane dealing with some of the more powerful spirits. It’s clear this art has it’s place with preoccupying most of the adepts here and rapidly aiding their spiritual metamorphosis . Any progress made with any 1 art, strengthens all of the 3 simultaneously.

I’d recommend first starting with Works of Darkness, Then evoking eternity, and then Kindgoms of the Flame. And I’d start working sigil magick to help you along your journey with wonderful spirits. Who you work with and what you do is up to you. However, if you commit to this you run the risk of doing a lot you didn’t expect. If you dabble with these powerful entities, you will go through a lot of turmoil in your life. These rituals will basically start an alchemical process in your spirit, and if you want to be in a really good place. I’d recommend you surround yourself with angels to help and guide you in a positive direction. Once this has been achieved, it will drastically change the kind of results you can achieve with magick, and the nature of your spirit, and even your personality. You may find this magick putting you into a new place in your life, and making a career or lifestyle change. You might want to stick to the spirits who help with ascent in Evoking Eternity if you’d like to have less chance of going insane in the process. Once this process of alchemical change is complete, it may be much easier to gain firm footing and pursue further spiritual growth on whatever subjects of his you like, you know what it’s all about now though.

But rest assured, if the black magician deep inside your soul gets tempted to doing the insane rituals he presents, you will start activating the process on it’s own.

You could jump in head first with a ton of powerful demons, and see what kind of violent changes can happen in your life upsetting the order and balance not just for you, but your loved ones and anyone/thing who has to live with you. You will also call spirits who are like them who you didn’t evoke to start manifesting themselves in your life as your acts of magick gain spiritual momentum. You might not always like who shows up, or what spirits start paying attention to you. It can make the things you encounter in public quite interesting, and it should go without saying this path is not for the curious, but is quite useful for those who want to obliterate their current lives, and give them a new blank tablet cleared by all kinds of spiritual fire and brimstone to work with.

This isn’t something to fuck around with, so know that, because once you get into that situation you can call E.A. and he will give you 2 options. You can either ignore all the spiritual phenomenon that’s part of this process and become an atheist, or you can power through it and accept that magick will forever be a part of who you are, and you will have to accept powerful spiritual phenomenon and the increasingly powerful spiritual contact throughout your life.

And if you don’t do either of those, you’ll probably go insane (from possibly using magick with great frequency for hunger of power, you may even loose sight of whether you are using spiritual power or whether it is using you) and suffer from crippling anxiety until you decide to off yourself or end up in an mental institution.

So if you find your life spinning out of control on this journey and you don’t know what to do, you should book a personal consult with E.A. to get a hold of it, unlike other authors, he actually gives a shit about the people who practice his material and he can and will help you.

Best of Luck, and Welcome to the REAL Black Magick,
-Frater Apotheosis

I’d recommend this order:


Questing after visions

Become a Living God

Evoking Eternity

Works of Darkness

Book of Azazel

Frater Apotheosis, and Elison, I thank you for the replies.

After such valuable information has been presented to me via your posts, I have taken some time to digest what has been said, rather than merely jump in with a superfluous response. I consider it not only courtesy, but important for my’self’ in order to do so.

I am currently working through the Mastering Divination coursework, in addition to now reading Works of Darkness. I am confident in this approach, and am prepared to take the steps necessary for this journey, but will do so with a level of caution, and knowing that there are resources to get some guidance along the way (eg consult).

Strangely, since reading (and beginning the exercises in Works of Darkness), I have felt some strange shifts. Not turmoil per se, but as though I have not been alone. This has been accompanied by what I could only describe as some emotional ups and downs… It seemed a period of mental adjustment was taking place and that now things are going well.

On that note, I have some experience with magick from various other systems/sources. Since those times, there have been tremendous problems through my life, a vast lack of control and ‘bad luck’ to the level that friends who are staunch non-believers have reconsidered whether ‘curses’ were real. I wonder, perhaps, whether I have already awakened a level of turmoil through previous activities, and whether these new activities are likely to balance them out, or perhaps make things worse.

Either way, I’m on this path now; I have been ‘looking’ for this path for a long time, and so there is no turning back.

I might book a consult with EA soon, too, and have occasional consults through this journey.

Frater Apotheosis, thank you kindly for such a well thought out and insightful reply. Please know that even through this medium of electronic words, your message has been well-considered and is appreciated. Thank you.