Suggestion on demon to contact

I need to contact a demon to help me find out who had spread lies about me and to help me curse them, preferably a demon not too high as i dont feel like bothering belial or King Paimon with these shall we say trivial matters, but i do need to curse them as i just cannot get rid of this rage, i have been wronged by everyone for too long, the bitch has acted like a little girl after making me almost fall for her and the others have butted in out of jealousy, i am done, i have projected my anger psychically whenever it builds up, but who can i contact to aid me in this? again, not too high ranking if possible. Thank you, sorry if im getting annoying, i dont mean to be, i am just in a lot of pain and hate

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Dantalion for finding out, Agares & Flauros for dealing with it.


THANK YOU :smiley:

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Do you feel like this anger requires you to go such an extent to curse the person? In 10 years time will you look back on it and think you did to much in your moment of anger?


lol it depends if in 10 years ill still be alive, theres a lot of crap in my life far beyond most people can comprehend, I guess I just feel like this because everything is cool with me, just dont treat me as disposable when you feel like it after making me almost fall in love, especially when it was her chasing me, ive just had it up to here with people like this, and anyone thats been in my shoes while also going through other shit would feel exactly the same

Yes I have felt that way too before, but it has never got to me as intensely as it has you. All I want is for you to make the right decision now so in the future you don’t regret it, that’s all.

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i understand, but it probably has to do with everything ive been through as well

I see, well perhaps it would be best to tackle each thing seperatly than to direct all of these issues into one thing? Perhaps friends, family too talk to? Even a psychologist if that’s what you think you would need? Just somebody to be there and help you, I am always willing to help however I am not a trained proffesional. I hope you feel better soon.

I agree with @inessence, I think cursing someone is going a little overboard for gossip. But if you do decide to do it be careful because one mistake can make the curse backfire onto you

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i did all those things, i was betrayed by my best friend and my family couldnt help, forget the psychiatrists lol they didnt either, basically the whole world let me down, on various planes, and i hit rock bottom, i should have killed myself at 14 honestly, saved me all this multidimensional drama, but i have started to work with Lucifer during the night, wierdly enough, a friend i hadnt seen in a while passed by to say hello just now, and I rarely go out now due to my health, I am trying to slowly get my life in order piece by piece, i am also trying to get over this chick and the idiots, but if i cant, i feel i should do something about it

its not just the gossip, but the fact that this girl had annoyingly pursued me at first and me being the good guy i am, was chill with her, i am always fine with meeting new people and making friends, then she showed deeper interest and it very quickly was turning into something wonderful, then out of nowhere she just goes crazy on me and then cuts me off, in retrospect i had sent her 6 messages in the span of 3 hours cause i just wanted to know how she was doing, maybe i should have chilled, but i honestly feel i shouldnt have been treated like that, i didnt deserve it.

Rule #1
Prioritize yourself first. Never give someone else power over your. That is your first mistake.
The hidden truth is you need self healing first. The anger, the wanting to end it all, been there done that.
It’s a long transition. Feels like forever, and when you are going through it, you don’t want to here that.

Maturity will show you everything that’s happening is normal. It is actually true life. It’s the things that happen to us in a common given day. Nothing special, nothing different. Move on with your life and focus on bettering it.

As you grow older you’ll realize and see, this is a common thread in society. A faze kind of thing. We all go through it eventually at one time or another. All of these things are normal in today’s day and age. Don’t worry about it.

Later on in life, you’ll see how small in life this thing really is.


i agree, its just my health and energy problems that make it seem bigger than it actually is, and probably all the past abuse by everyone, with magick, fists and whatnot. but its cool, the thing that makes it hard is that i still see her, because shes around, but ill get over it, just gotta have time

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Orobas can show who is spreading lies. He is an oracle and good with things like this. Although I wouldn’t suggest doing baneful work with Orobas.