Suddently i start to fail

so i started to meditate on my 3 eye and it started awaking
i feel like i am pregnant on my forehead anyways
when i started to feel that i started fail more…
its my 3 eye awaking and distracting me?
i also have doubts about failing…

So what are the actual symptoms you are experiencing so I can get a full understanding.

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of the 3 eye?i feel a big fucking pressure someone is constantly shooting me on forehead with rocks

That doesn’t sound like failure that is success my brother. Let me guess it’s like a building pressure mixed with swelling sometimes it can even feel like a magnetic pull and push. These are signs of awakening, I’d suggest taking a small amount of rain water, mix it with oil, add a few drops of your own blood the most important component is semen or menses and let it charge in the moon and sunlight.

Then anoint your third eye and vibrate
‘ Sat’Naam ‘ x9 while meditating and focusing on the energies in the liquid sinking deep into the pores of your skin. As this happens focus on the energy feeding the chakra push the intent to open and awaken that particular chakra.


oh thank so much brother!!!.and your are right about the effects too!
also for the rain water can i use normal water?

Yeah you can substitute it just I was told by the spirit to use rain water it works very well.

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Can I use in my meditation or just when I feel the signs that my third eye is opening??

oh ok.Thank you so fucking much!!

@Xag_darklight and @C.Kendall
Do I have to leave this liquid in an open or closed container? How long do you use this until you have to do it again ??