Sudden return of my mind

So, I have been on better food the last two days, to help my mood and to help my magick but also because I am quite tired of fighting off some major curses of some crazy Indian magicians, jokes that got out of hand with a Draconian dude and energy draining attempts from vampiric gypsies from France who are trained in African Voudon. :laughing: so I need all my energy… All these are long standing love-hate disputes. I have a mars square pluto aspect in my chart, so my bad habit is that I enjoy provoking fights at times, yes just blame astrology… I try to minimise this but as I said, bad habit, chaos addict … The vampires are my frenemies, One night in the astral they were trying to feed on me, I told them only months later as I wanted to analyse them longer, as I had not expected this violation from them, they apologised when I told them I knew, and they acted like it was an honest accident which I thought was funny as we all knew what happened, the look on their faces when I causally mentioned was priceless though…Funnily enough, my protection works very well for the girl and she can not even get close to me in the astral which frustrates her, but the guy seems to be able to get close to me those times and is very dominating with sexual energy but I fight him off.

So I was sitting on the couch just reading and thinking too much, my mind can wander a lot, now suddenly I felt a shift in my mind, like it was turning back to me and I was in the now a lot more. Then I realised that my mind was really far towards the east, and for a moment I thought wtf… Why did I never notice this before, but it was there all along, why was it all the way up there almost out my own reach. So I took back my mind, and now I wonder… .energy leak, mind take over… ? So I wanted to ask to anyone who has experience with being drained, instead of draining, and then from the mind area… I am very aware to leaks usually especially lower chakra’s, this felt placed very different and focused on mind power…

I find it kind of funny somehow but any thoughts appreciated…

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I always use mindfulness or constant renewing of my mind to make sure it stays put.
Even after you retain the present moment you have to keep in touch with it or constantly protect it.

minds can wonder from anxiety, trauma or even just lack of motion or direction towards a goal without the help of evil entities. Sometimes it’s just what minds do.

But renew it everyday, do something different everyday do that it’s harder to set a pattern. Change the way you drive to work or the music you listen to. Anything to keep you in the present.

It’s like happiness, it’s not a destination or accomplishment, it’s a constant act or way of life.

That’ll make it harder for anyone attempting to derail your mindset from doing so too.