Sudden rainfall? ๐Ÿค”

I apologize in advance if this had a better topic. Maybe under Spirits and evocation, or under weather and nature, I did not know. :sweat_smile:
Anywho, I was opening up to my girlfriend to me and the LHP for the first time. She was talking about how spirits had to exist, since energy cannot be destroyed, so the energy in our bodies had to go somewhere. I started talking about how of course there are entities, and two are protecting me right now! She seemed pretty down with the idea lol, but after I started talking about my demons, the dog started barking at nothing. About every two minutes heโ€™d have a bout of barking at the corners and lay back down. (โ€œThis is some freaky ghost shit.โ€ -My gf.) Then, it suddenly started raining. I donโ€™t remember it being cloudy that day, so I shushed everyone, and sure enough we could hear it outside and on the roof. Pretty strange occurrences since I had starting talking about my entities and protectors. This all happened within about thirty minutes. Since Iโ€™m writing this, I can already tell the rain is slowing down and stopping. My demons are represented by the sun and fire though, any ideas as to why they sent rain? Is it a bad sign, or simply the only thing they could do to get my attention since itโ€™s night and Iโ€™m pretty sure they donโ€™t want to set my house on fire lol. Or does rain have another meaning? What do you guys think? And are animals aware of our spirits :wink:

Contrary to some opinions, coincidence does, in fact, exist. The rain most likely has no bearing whatsoever on what you were discussing.

It does not have to be cloudy for it to start raining. Rain can, and does, fall out of a clear blue sky naturally.

Yes, animals are most often aware of spirits, and some are even energy junkies and want to be present wherever a ritual is preformed.