Sucessful dream of me spell

I have successfully made several different people dream about me, so of course I will share this with all of you.

You need a white and silver candle
This is done on a monday, day of moon hour of mercury or hour of moon.
A piece of paper and a pen

Create a sigil using the statement of intent, x person will dream of me.

Get into a trance state and invoke luna into your space along with whichever planetary hour you are using.

Place the sigil in front of you on your altar,.light both candles. Charge the sigil thinking about them dreaming of you and imagining the next morning them remembering the dream. You must do this both in 1st person view and as an observer switching back and forth. I can do this at the same time so if you can its better that way.

Now that the sigil is charged leave it there for the remainder of the spell.

Now evoke the targets astral body into the room. Place your right hand out and push energy into his or hers astral body while again imagining them dreaming of you.

Send them back to their bodies after you are done.

The entire charging of the sigil and the evocation should last a minimum of 15 minutes for each.

Now take the sigil and burn it, imagine the smoke going into the astral plane from the physical.

Put the candles out and take the ashes outside somewhere where wind can grab it.

Call upon the element of wind within your body and request it swiftly delivers your message. Throw the ashes into the wind. Lmao don’t get discouraged if they just drop onto the floor. Very small fragments you cant see will float around and be carried to your target.

Everytime they have dreamt of me within a few days, sometimes everyday for a week.


interesting. this could be useful as part of a “get my ex back” strategy. Bombard them with dream artillery fire to soften them up (basically, keep you in their thoughts), then send your infantry (ie. love entities) in to finish the job


Thats exactly where it derived from. I use it as a side dish for love spells.


I know it works because I have had people volunteer to let me try it out and it worked everytime. As well as tried it on friends without them knowing and it did work with them as well. So far 100% accuracy


Well that’s me sorted for tomorrow night… Can you do it for more than one person and purposes other than to get jiggy with said person? Eg. Go take a look at my linkedin profile I am the person YOU NEED TO HIRE!!! type of thing?

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OH WAIT… a farting horse.


Hold on - two candles - ie 1 x white and 1 x silver or 1 x white and silver?

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2 separate

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And as the hour of the Moon follows that of Mercury you have two “hours” to work in - whoop whoop! YESSSS!

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One more question and a thank you.

Can this be done on another day if it urgent that you get through to a person more than once? E.g. If I wanted to say have a series of recurring dreams where they begin to see that I am someone they really need to talk to could I just start doing this on another day but evoke the essences/spirits of moon and mercury at the appropriate hours do you think?

Just one more thing

I don’t quite get this bit - is this me creating a script for the dream they will have about me eg 3rd person - “x goes and takes a look at y’s profile and is impressed enough to want to connect”, 1st person - “Hell, this person IS WHO I AM looking for - they need to apply for the job - I have to get this person in for an interview NOW!” type of thing?


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To answer the first question, i do not know as I have not tried that yet.

To answer the second, it means to imagine being that person in their own skin. And seeing them from your own view. Actually becoming the target vs only seeing them in your mind


Thank you for your help with this - good to see something useful.

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Had a go with this - considerably more complex than working with my friendly Goetics and I found it very strange to invoke Luna (odd sensation like being covered in something warm and damp) then get into trance (alpha) and bring in the other’s before attempting to push out two dreams to him and then having him remember them with delight and excitement when he discovers that what he’s dreamt about is real.

I’m sure with practise it will get easier but I think I need something a bit meatier than birthday candles for this next time. Also added some Jasmine and used a lunar invocation chant.

We will see… we will see…

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It seems like youre relying more heavily on tools then you’re own mind. It was different then what youre used to so you were thinking more then you typically do. Learn and be patient. Ascent isnt learning how to summon up entities and making them do things for you. This is you controlling the planets that which are a part of you. No champion became great by being comfortable. Keep trying my friend keep trying.

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No I was doing as you said - all I added was some incense and an alpha trance track to get into a trance state. I only had silver and white birthday cake candles that’s all.

Invoked luna - as you said, used VK Jehanum’s chants, then did the selene sigil, got it to flash then the rest.

Result on my side - 4 highly erotic dreams about target of dream (thankfully it was the Beloved in this instance and not the other person I’d hoped to influence) and being woken up mid climaxes!



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Neat. Thanks for this. I have been using my own “dream of me” approach, This compliments it perfectly.

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I am just pleased that I tried this out on the Beloved and not the other person - a lesbian woman as I’d truly hate to have a nocturnal visit from her for any reason other than to chat to me about offering me a job. Thanks madam but I really don’t go in that direction.

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I really need to do this again tomorrow night :wink: :wink: Let’s see if we can beat four…

Just wondering best way to send image of self to target in dream - any thoughts?

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Just imagine it and force your will upon the dream. So you have been having success with this spell?