How to summon a succubus

Use the search.

I wonder how exactly do you give offerings. Does anybody know how?

Sexual energy usually is the goal but you can ask specifically what the spirit enjoys, or come up with your own, incense, candles, oils, even wine and such things, makes things a bit romantic :wink:

Blood works too with some lol

Maybe playing some George Michael.

So like food or beverages for example. Do you just touch it and say “here, I want you to have some”? I mean how do you literally give an offerring?

You can do that. I usually just let my ladies partake in whatever I eat, and sometimes feel their touches on candies. They tend to “lick” things, even if it is non-edible. Some of them are very social and letting them participate by eating when you eat, is an offering in itself. These things tend to work best if they’re with you 24/7.

When it comes to “succubus” or other intimate spirits, intimacy is the best kind of offering. All benefits from it, physically, mentally and spiritually. And it makes bonding easier.


if you have already practiced rituals and secuality alone togheter for many times or only masturbation alone with rituals naked for years. Then stop with sexuality one, and do not masturbate for long long period… If it is neeaded, wear a chastity lock and give the key to someone. After many mouth without sex or masturbation, then open the lock and do not touch yourself. You might receive a visitor during some night… he or she will tickle your genital area and even do a penetration (vaginal or anal) until you get a cosmic orgasm. it will be intense you will be dirty and sticky after…go and wipe yourself when the intercourse is over with the spirit.

So if your a guy the female succubi does anal on you are is it normal hetero sexual sex but with a spirit?

i am a guy so it is possible she opened my legs and penetrated my rectum with her fingers. I can tell it tickles and you feel it inside for sure, it touches the g point, wich is the prostate.