So who currently is in love with one tell me all about them does she shapeshift into Rihanna ? Can she turn into a hentai girl ?? LMFAOOO I’m joking but I want to know about them a lot like everything I’ve been interested in there kind forever just never really pursued anything cause I was so young any and all welcome to comment SPECIALISTS ESPECIALLY LMFAOOO that’s funny how those two words work together and she can scan me and sense my intent it isn’t the typical shit



He’s basically the master on knowledge of the nature of succubi, really good person to talk to


First of all: Do some research. Read the history and reports, good and bad experiences. Learning both sides of these spirits and entities - whether it’s false and dogmatic or benevolent - is much better than sticking to one side that inevitable blinds your final decision to go through with this.

Have you seen this picture?

That’s one of the first images popping up when doing a common search on the internet. This particular painting is called “The Nightmare”, painted by the artist Henry Fuseli in 1781. Does this classic painting give you good vibes? I, personally, love this painting. It’s fascinating, intriguing and interesting. This particular painting represents the horror of Sleep Paralysis, which do occur in some stages regarding succubus and incubus encounters. It’s both an awesome and terrifying event, depending on how you react to it.

When you read about this particular painting and it’s meaning, you might expand your research further. Maybe you look up Lilith, because you read somewhere about her association to succubus/incubus and Jewish folklore in general. It’s pretty dogmatic, and the more you read about her, the more dogmatic it becomes. You shouldn’t pay too much attention to these stories. It might mess you up if doing so. This image is often popping up when doing a search on Lilith:

This particular statue is Babylonian and it’s called “Burney Relief”, was discovered in the 1930’s and it’s over 4000 years old. This statue is said to represent Lilith, giving good indication of how old she is, predating Abrahamic religions. There’s other sources making her much older than 4000 years, but this is one of the most verified source of Lilith, right now.

I could write more about this topic, but right now I have spent 2 hours writing and formatting this reply for you, and I have other things to attend to.

I recommend you to do some research before committing to these kind of entities. Research and studies is a part of being a black magician, and it’s fun. You can learn a lot from researches, before jumping in to the actual experience. Because once you start experience this, there’s no turning back.


I could be your hentai girl :wink:

yes this is a joke please dont ban me


It’s crazy cause I’ve followed your blog since I was younger your blog and Kens blogs story used to always make me sleep so much better at night. It was a whole community of you guys who were thriving and I had always wish for what you all had since I kinda read most of the experiences like when she shows you her dark side or starts taking different forms and reading you guys responses it served as kinda a guide for me. I gotta see more places to research can you tell me more attributes?


LMFAOOO sure when would you like to start

pm me :wink:


Did an online hookup just happen?

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If I don’t have my astral senses awakened will that hinder my succubus and my relationship?

Nope, because you’re going to work on those senses, right? :smiley:

And your succubus chum will help you, I hope?

(Sorry to reply when you addressed this to Succupedia!)

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Lol yeah I need to get past this Christian part of me that says I can’t or god will get in my way and just do it. I guess I’ll start with my chakras and then move on lol

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Also no apologies needed lol


LMFAOOO you saw nothing

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Don’t tell me you’ve left me :cry:

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It shouldn’t hinder your succubus and your relationship with her, but it will be very limited by your lack of perception.

There’s several ways of open up your senses. You can do it yourself, or get help from your succubus to open it for you. I would prefer the latter, since these kind of practices is on a dependency level. She’s dependent on you, and you will be dependent on her the longer you’re together.

As I’ve experienced, they work on pretty much every chakras and they’re capable to open up most, if not all of them. But their “main” chakras is the head- and heart chakra. These chakras focusing on our perception of the physical and emotional areas of a relationship. It’s very relevant. Your acknowledgement of her, is your way of telling her to aid you in opening your chakras.


You mean the nature of a succubus?

They’re very devoted, loving, caring and overly protective of their love interests. That means they rarely back off from competitive spirits. Not even from their own superiors, like Lilith herself.

Their sexual nature is as easy or as complex as it can get. It is, occasionally, on a primal level, to an extent that they mark their partners with some kind of fluid. It’s territorial, because it will keep other spirits at bay during intimate moments. There’s something called “Mating Season”, which basically means that their own sexual libidos is on a moving cycle and it’s peaking on specific months on a calendar year. And because it’s moving, that means the months of the peak seasons is different each year.


What if we can’t actually have “sex” because I can’t feel her?

Sorry if I seem stupid or ignorant lol I just really want a spirit girlfriend(I say gf because because there fairly similar to us in the sense of wanting to be loved I would think

We both have to start working towards fulfilling the goal of attracting one of them soon