Succubus when you expect an incubus

so… i’ve been asking for an incubus for about years now.
i start to feel new connection in the astral while i sleep

thought yesterday night a succubus came to me… she was not looking like what i thought a succubus would look like… he was blonde with a hair bun, dressed in white, she was not straight forward,it seemed like we were having a date , she was from Belgium(?!)

there was a scenario set so that i get use to her presence
and as she started to arouse me , she was saying " oh my god i did not know you were lesbian, i am so lucky" ( i do both actually, but i did not have sex with a girl since i was 18…now 36)

in the dream she kissed me and straight away gave me an orgasme, i was half asleep and suddenly i could feel that it was a different orgasme, kind of waves. then she physically turned into a friend of mine that i know have lesbian tendencies, and she tried to arouse me again but as to me it was my friend’s body , i pushed her away…

@succupedia any clue? why she came as i’ve been asking for a man?

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Succubi are just female incubi. Just ask her to show her male form or to grow a penis

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i did not know that… ( stupid I) well…

Changing form is effotless to Succubi/Incubi so since you desire both you most likely got one that is gender fluid.

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i wanted a guy!!! lol
i’ll tell her/him tonight

…which makes an incubus a “male succubus”, right? Should we add that terminology to humans as well? :man_shrugging:

As I see it, a succubus and an incubus have a gender identity, which is not similar to the human equivalent of the identity of a HBTQ person. It doesn’t resolve in an identity crisis, because their sex isn’t in opposition to gain societal acceptance as a minority group.

Their energies is different, as well as their sexual primal behavior. An incubus can be rough and dominant when sexually interacting with them. It’s pure masculinity. Succubus entities can share a similar dominant behavior, for sure, but there’s a feminine aspect with it. Less rough, but just as persistent.