Succubus ritual help?

So I have done a ritual in the last two weeks and have failed. I know that there can be multiple reason why they don’t work but I can’t seem to iron it out. I have also rethought my path of learning sex magik from them by being in a relationship with them. I now want to try summoning four succubi (one from each angle of sacred prostitution) and see if there is any differences in how they apply it or better yet how they control it. I know this is dumb but I’m curious and have time on my hands from CONVID-19. (I’m not sick) I have been building a bond with Lilith over the past three months and the best form of communication is tarot. I asked her if I wasn’t ready for an encounter with one of her daughters and she says I need to unblock or awaken something. I’m still trying to figure out what it is but no luck. Well that’s my spill. If you have any advice than please share it. Thank you.

Could it be possible that she meant you need to open your clairvoyant senses first?

I have practiced to develop them. I can feel energy shifts and i can feel spirits.

As Becca says, probably more astral senses. This is more than feeling energy. Clair-senses so you can see, hear and smell them etc. There’s a posts on here particularly that succubi get very frustrated when they can’t talk to you because you can’t hear them.

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I do lack the ability to hear them. Do you have any practices that can help with it?

Keep doing what you’re doing to develop your energy, which causes clairsenses to develop as well. :+1: You may not get great clairaudience, but clairsentience tends to come for most and can be used instead.

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