Succubus questions

I’ve had 5 succubus for 7 months now, one time I remember laying face down falling asleep and my mind started spinning like I felt like it was gonna be an astral Projection (never done it before). If I didn’t get up out of confusion and fear What would’ve happened ? Was my succubus helping me to project ? They are not malicious at all, I felt drained the first month but now I feel way more energized consistently from them managing my energy and I feel less fear more confident, so it’s probably safe to say they are the real deal not a thought form or imposter,

I got a few questions for you how did you manage to get 5 succubi on you and do they feel jealous towards who gets you first? It does take sometime to get your energy to get use to them. They are using energy as a way to survive kinda the same way like we eat to live.

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I made contact with the first one (alpha female of the 5) she was sweet and dominating at the same time; then she brought some friends I guess, they are completely fine sharing me and even are helping me to get a human companion aslong as I still spend decent amount of time with them as well

@John_Wick did you do the letter of intent ritual because i’m considering on doing it. Last night i had a dream about Lilith and i know that she watches over me.

No , I called Lilith name 3 times , I started do visualizations for some beginner magick, and she came to me when I was in the theta state