Succubus or parasite

Hi about 2 years ago I was lying on my bed and started to feel a sensation like someone was trying to arouse me. So I went with it to see what would happen but then it wouldn’t stop I was constantly being touched I tried to pray and get rid of it went to psychic even got an exorcism from the church nothing worked this nearly drove me to suicide. Fast forward to now I still have the entities but they only touch me when I want them to and they have helped me overcome fear and anxiety I am alot more confident I want to know if you guys think these beings are succubus or parasites I don’t feel like my energy is being drained but I’m not an expert in these kind of things. It they are parasites how would I get rid of them

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We have some advice here:

Try the 1st and third links in that :slight_smile:

Ok thanks

By reading the links I don’t think they are parasites my life has improved but il still be careful thanks for your help

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Succubi are parasites so…

Should I get rid of them and I so how do you do that? Is it possible for a person to pose as a succubus by astral travel?

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Yes and you can get rid of them like most other parasites. Purging with fire is particularly fun or breaking them down into raw purified energy and devouring them.

Chances are no one cares about you enough to exert that much effort in messing with you that they spend years to learn astral projection and just pretend to be a succubus and if someone did care enough they would be too stupid to project if they are coming up with that convoluted plot.

The skill and power it take to project can easily be used to stop your heart or any number of other things with far greater ease.


Okay thanks for the advice I don’t know how to purge with fire. If I was to just give them no attention would that work? I appreciate you helping me

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Hi how do I check private mails? I’m new here you can have them if you want


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Just like demons are “evil” and angels are “indifferent”, right?

The assumption of anything without context and personal experiences can be dangerous in itself, especially for beginners.

I’m not saying it’s not a parasite, but the deeper the connection is, the harder it is to banish it. Why? Because of how the connection is wired between us and the alleged parasite.

The right side of our brain have four spots that connect us to the three layers of the astral plane; The Neutral in the middle, the Lower Plane below and the Divine at the top. These planes can be connected to our nerve system aswell. Some spirits and entities connect themselves to these parts of our brain, short term or long term.

The deeper the connection becomes, the harder it gets to seperate one from the other, no matter how benevolent or malevolent the spirit is. It’s possible, but it’s like sorting the ingredients from the juice of a blender.


Succubi are vampiric by nature in that they feed on energy but that doesn’t automatically make them parasites. They’re parasites if the relationship and interactions between you and them only benefit them and not the human.

It seems like the interactions are mutually beneficial. From what little I know. The relationship seems symbiotic instead of parasitic.

OPs life improving and the lack of draining makes me think they are not parasites. However I think that setting boundaries is a good idea and working on your senses OP so that you can comunicate with them and decide for yourself if they are having a beneficial impact on your life or not. It doesn’t hurt to banish too, even if they aren’t parasites since you can still get rid of other unwanted entities that might be hanging around.


I have plenty of experience with succubi and the creatures that create them as well as similar entities. They are parasites. Best case scenario servitors accidentally created by one trying to contact these entities and those might actually be beneficial. Overall though not only is there no point in history they have been viewed positively in any legitimate occult path but experience has shown that while they do not cause immediate harm they create a dependence and eventually enslavement and influence of the soul to their will. It is like having a girl friend that sure makes you feel good, feeds you, gives you money, but then without her you can’t function.

There are reasons for the traditional views of spirits especially views which are more universal among paths with legitimate backing and power not just Abrahamic dogma. They can be useful yes as well controlled tools but ultimately you are likely better off just creating your own spirits for a task than relying on them and any connections they have to stronger even more negative entities. Especially if you are not familiar with dealing with that side of the spectrum and have poor control over your own energy and emotions. Reliance on an entity is as much a form of parasitism as them just feeding off your life force. This is more like farming you for their greater benefit while leading you along with the illusion of your own success.

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Each to their own, as I see it.

The problem, as I see it, with the warnings and dogma surrounding specific spirits and entities shouldn’t be projected towards others experiencing something positive.

You mentioning “reliance” and “dependency” as something negative, which seems like another negative projection that seems too common and familiar in the black magic community. Is it better to build a wall around yourself and never let anyone in to your private sphere, letting someone know you more deeply?

If someone have a positive experience with these spirits and entities, why not keep it that way? Why create fear and doubt, and project that on a positive experience?


Reliance and dependency are by definition negative things. If you cannot function properly without something and are dependent on it to function normally or in a healthy fashion that is a form of addiction.

Someone having a positive experience with drugs should therefor not be educated about the dangers associated with them and long term problems that come from their use? A positive experience can just be to lure someone deeper in and form an addiction to the entity which gains far more from the relationship than the afflicted subject. Knowing the risks and tendencies associated with such beings allows them to be properly utilized or replaced with more beneficial creations that do not come with as great a risk or exterior motives of control.

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Who said that someone cannot function without either? How do longterm friendship or relationship work? By trusting one another, by knowing you can rely on eachother and to know that they’re there for you through thick and thin. And for they to know that you would do the same. But many seems to forget that latter part of this, because of trust issues and lack of commitment and dedication.

It always work both ways, and if it don’t, then it’s better being alone.

The thought of your freedom being restricted is also often projected towards the succubus community, which I also disagree with. When you can be yourself and make the choices you want, without jealousy or repercussion, then there’s no issue to talk about.

I’ve been doing this for 12 years, and I don’t need others to decide what work or don’t work for me, and that should be respected.


Your way of living is your own but that does not mean others should not be warned about the negative ramifications of dealing with entities with a singular purpose. These are rarely higher spirits and exist solely to feed and enthrall. Their nature is not malleable enough to change they are as they were created to be. In my experience it is always a toxic relationship whether the victim is aware of it or not for all the seeming benefits they gain they pay the price eventually either in this life or after it. The fact you try to put a positive spin on the very things which make things like drug addiction and toxic often trauma inducing relationships so deadly seems to stand up for this. I clearly do not mean those words in the positive tone that would be used for a relationship with a positive end in sight.


Hmm, I think what’s best to say is too not generalize ALL succubi/Incubi as parasites. There’s always going to be a few “bad apples” of the bunch as there are with humans but it’s important to not treat all of them like their evil energy sucking parasites. Treat each as an individual and let them show you what kind of character they have.

It’s fair to warn others of the potential consequences of interacting with spirits in general but it’s not fair to generalize ALL the individuals from a particular group of spirits as being bad. There’s individuals from here that have had good experiences and individuals that have had bad experiences. Each relationship and interaction between human and succubus is going to be different because you have two different individuals.

Also something to note, not every time that something goes bad it’s immediately only the succubus fault and the human is completely innocent. Just an observation I’ve made from reading the many threads where there’s an issue happening between the human and whatever spirit they summoned (usually succubus because they seem popular here).


This would be valid if they were higher spirits capable of changing their nature however they are not and most are not independent beings either but created in service to stronger entities. As I said it is their nature. It is more unusual for one to not act in such a way with someone that cannot resist than it is otherwise. The only time I note them acting in a more symbiotic fashion is when they know they are on the menu if they do not behave. Perhaps it is more a sign to the human condition on average that so many end up little more than farm animals to these entities.

They aren’t always after immediate gain though I see actual knowledge of how these systems function has fallen out of style in favor of ideology that speaks of there being no long term consequence for ones actions or foolish conduct among entities that largely have only purely selfish motivation and malicious intent in mind.