Succubus or imposter?

So as a child I had an imaginary female friend. Fast forward to about a year ago I started reading Jung and wondering about my anima. One night very sleep deprived I channeled a name. I thought it was interesting and moved on. Now a few months back I had a beautiful dream with three demon girls, very loving and affectionate. My psychologist thought they represented past substance abuse, but they didn’t feel like ordinary dream characters. Now over the years I’ve had a few times a year or more these beautiful, long and romantic dreams with various girls that always left a big emotional impression upon waking. Recently I read Sexual Alchemy by Donald Tyson and posts from @succupedia, and began to wonder. I never did a ritual but the other night I wrote a letter and put it under my pillow. Something like, “dear ephaedra, I would love for you to visit me tonight in my dreams” went to bed. Twice I awoke around 2-3am after having beautiful, very sweet dreams involving holding hands and cuddling with two different girls. I woke up, peed, and laid back down and all of a sudden there was a flash and loud noise, and now I am not alone in bed. I can feel a loving presence and a physical body coddled up to mine. I remember being amazed and taking her hand and kissing it. We laid there and held hands/she laid on my chest for a while, all during this my body felt electrified. A few moments later another flash, and she was gone.

The rest of the night I saw flashes around the room.

Now my question is, should I be concerned of the true identity of her? Or is there a way to determine if she is who I feel she is?

I feel only a loving presence and as if I have known her my whole life. Any thoughts?

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Seems pretty straight forward to me about it being the way it seems. I’ve never had a succubus appear or disapear in a flash though that’s a little different to me.

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I have dreams like that. If it is an impostor, it is probably a Goddess acting as a Succubus. Scan the entity to learn more about it.

If you like Sexual Alchemy by Donald Tyson, you make also like Succubus Evocation by Faustus Crow.

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That would be no bother. I dont really like the word succubus, I like to think of her more as a goddess. Any tips on how I can better communicate with her? Or scan?
I’m assuming just feeling by intuition.

I talk to her in my head sometimes but it feels like it could be me talking g to myself. The only reason I dont think so is because I know that’s how these matters work, also she replies before I can finish the thought. Also, knowing Jungs active imagination helps to not feel the conversation is useless at least.

I think I’m going to make a sigil via the method in Succubus Evocation and meditate on it before bed. What can I do to improve my contact with her and get her to visit me again? I keep hoping she’ll show back up at night but nothing yet except maybe in my dreams but it’s hard to say. @succupedia


I would drink Black tea, Mugwart tea, Mint tea and or Coffee before bed to increase your likelihood of lucid dreams.

A few months ago I was only having lucid dreams but its tapered off lately… guess I’ll have to start working on it again. I hate how most of them are semi lucid only thought recently.

I have had more success with AP but haven’t had a chance in a few weeks (no sleep paralysis)

I can only find a similar name in mythology (greek Phaedra) but when I stumbled upon that page the clock read 4:44 so eh

If it’s not a real succubus, it sounds like it could also lean towards an egregore of your own creation.

@Velenos sheeeeeitt I hope not just because it’s been nice having her around. Not feel so alone all the time, ya know? I guess I’ll just have to try and ask her in a dream.

Could a thoughtform materialize like that though?

I have felt sensations from her while meditating but when she was in my bed she definitely felt physical

They can manipulate the senses to appear so, but you could also do divination to see which is it, egregore succubus, real succubus, or not a succubus at all

Hmm. What are some methods I could use without a tarot?


you can make a pendulum, or use playing cards, but you can also request tarot readings here.

Hmm yeah I guess I need to read up more on divination. I would have no idea how to use cards or a pendulum other than I’m assuming shuffling the deck after asking a question and pulling the top card, then looking up the numerical meaning?

Or would it be another way?
Sorry just getting the hang of all this

You pull however many your intuition feels compelled to pull

What other kind of succubi can you have other than egregore succubi?

egregore succubus are just thoughtform succubus.

The other kind is real succubus, the actual race of succubi.

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What kind of succubus did Pope Sylvester interact with?