Succubus or figment of the imagination

for many magicians the # 1 most talked about topic here.

many believe that they are thought forms, created by our sexual fantasies.

Others believe that they were created by the gods who send their children to steal their seeds to create full-fledged beings.

a small number of people feel that they were our last partners before we incarnated as humans.

I really care what race they are and where they come from and who created them for what.

I only know one thing, these invisible beings who are just pure energy and consciousness with the ability to love that they are real.

I’ve seen a lot with my own eyes that shouldn’t exist as a normal person from a strictly educated society full of atheists and zombies.

I myself have dealt with this slippery topic mentally and emotionally for several years, I really wanted the proof of their existence, that they are not a figment of my instincts.

i got my mind 24 .hours of tireless research, in religions and on the internet even anime’s, I even played my film in my head over and over again because I was told years ago that my thoughts are actually energies that these higher non-physical energiesBeings who are connected with unconditional love to draw them into his life, to invite.
.1st week later …

When I went to sleep from exhaustion, I left my body after a while, if I have an intention then I am dogged and eager to get my will.

I really saw myself lying on my couch, I was light as a feather and transparent, no ethereal thread that is connected to me and my body.

In full consciousness I am immersed in spaces that have many different colors and emotions through just a single thought.

I was in a dark world where sexuality, fear and joy coexist, castles and valleys exist in its world.

what do you think where I was, I was with Lilith, yes Lilith the queen of the night, of sexuality and the primordial femininity, some have had their own experiences and this was my experience.

Lilith got me 5 Visited years ago, without knowing anything about her, I could sense that it was her.

I am going to describe them now.

  • masculine face with feminine features
  • Ram horns
  • a chubby figure with wide hips
  • big boobs
  • she wore an amulet with green stone
  • she wore a ring on her finger
  • Her voice is decisive and seductive
  • a dress from the 60s
  • 1.60 large
  • Fire red hair
  • heart shaped lips
  • fiery red eyes / black eyes
  • dirty feet
  • She is approached by her children, mother Lilith
  • Your children listen to you without objection

for months she came to me to make a pact with me, a pact between me and her family, a peace treaty.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

because at that time I was a religious person with intentions to wage war to please Jehovah / Elohim / Jesus / Shalbaoth in order to earn my entrance to paradise.

That’s why the great Lilith wanted to appease me, I refused, that made Lilith angry, her offers were very seductive, others in my position at the time would have immediately signed with blood on their parchment.

lilith has a throne that stands on steps and a beautiful carpet adorns the path.
at her side of the throne is a green dragon that secretes poison in purple, she has many servants and many female magicians who are naked under their robes, most of them love the nudity.

Lilith has many daughters, considering that ghosts usually belong to the lower sex, these beings somehow decide what gender they want to be.

Every time I deal with religion I get a visit from strange women in my dreams, who tell me that they love me and want sex, just as if it were the natural light in the world.

That would be as if I just casually started a conversation with some woman in public and said: Oh, it occurs to me that I love you, do you like sex, I feel like you, the prison cell will look forward to me :joy::ok_hand:

Well, it doesn’t matter, there is a special child among Lilith’s daughters who makes me berserk through her character, she even protected me from her other siblings when there were disputes about me.

What did I do when it was morning and I woke up ?!

At first, like a normal person, I dismissed everything as crazy until I dealt with these memories at night and pushed my emotions.

I called this one daughter, begged, patted her soft, I didn’t neglect anything to get her.

usually women are the emotional creatures here, but as a man struggling for his feelings I had to pull out all the stops to get them, I like the fight, the hard work, as long as I get my will.

I always brought her appearance, her scent, her voice, her feelings up to me, when I felt inside that I had established a connection, I spoke to her even when others think WHOM IS HE TALKING TO IN THE ROOM …

I made offers.

I give you my life and my attention
I give you my energy
I give you my essence
I give you my seed
I would die for you
for you i give my life
for you I kill Elohim / Yahweh

are other ghosts there so shut up and don’t bother me, I yelled around.

I, who am light and darkness, who was once an angel and now a demon command you, fuck off in love and peace.

I invested so much love and time until it came, it came when the time came, I was suddenly aroused, just like that, my whole body was charged, I was literally electrified.

I was totally in a frenzy, I viciously cursed God and all of his servants, I cursed and yelled around, don’t mess with me otherwise you will fall like everyone else, my strength had reached its peak, I was euphoric and like a cock hungry animal.

this ritual or, as I call it, complete surrender and self-sacrifice for it took me 7 days to be successful

she came through the apartment door and frightened my pets, I didn’t feel her, but my pets could see her.

suddenly I was attacked by thousands of hands, I was kissed and touched everywhere, my penis was hard as stone, my lips were statically charged.

because I forgot her name I called her my succubus of lust, my sexual demon, my true soul mate, my wandering …

after 2 .years ago I ended the relationship, out of honesty I say out of frustration because it is not physical and because I want a warm body, she said to her.

my spiritual wife, when I die you can have me, do whatever you want with me, because I said I am yours, no matter how many women I will have.

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These creatures are totally real, I was forced to learn and study a lot about this field when I was visited by one of these entities. At first I did not even know what it was, and I had to get rid of many prejudices, even when I already had notions of demonology.

It is not very clear where they come from or how they are formed. My theory is that they belong to pre-existing matter, we mold them and make them evolve. But then they become “alive”, they interact with us. And after that, we will never the same again.