Succubus like entity possessing me

Has anyone encountered and survived this thing? because it’s almost been 4 years and I need information on how to deal with it.


You mean like something has sex with you when you dream?

It’s not something I have chosen but I have had it happen, never really had a problem from it

You could either break the ties it has to you, or reciprocate the relationship I guess… Some people choose to have them here and I’m sure someone will be along with more knowledge on it soon

Kinda but it can also take control of my emotions, thoughts and even my body… but as for my body it’s control is thankfully limited… somewhat…

Forgot to mention… it’s evil… it constantly fills my mind with stressful thoughts and emotions… sometimes causing me to break my stuff in violent outbursts…

I sent a PM.

They can do that?

Don’t send me your images she makes me curse people… expect one soon…

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If it tell you to curse me, just tell it to jump inside of me. I can use the entity to empower curses against criminals, bullies, and such.
Or, you can attempt to curse your enemies with it, if you wish to.

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How it hasn’t left in 4 years and has told me it will never leave? Also after what it’s done to me! To give that to another? Feels like murder to me…

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Besides before cursing random people have you given much thought into what influence’s have led them to those positions in life? Maybe someone has already confronted them? Also if your contacting me I’ll kill you!

Maybe they have already payed their dues? I hope you are only sending temporary curses to those who have not already been brought to justice instead of adding on to those who have for the sake of making your self feel important?

If you find me I’m unleashing one of my strongest curses with or without the entity.

Would that be hypocritical of me?… yes… but still… food for thought.

I warned you… HAGAL…

Don’t send images!

I cannot control it’s rage!

I’m sorry… I could delete my above posts… but I feel they are a good example of what these things do to people… you know I heard of this women on the telly that had one for 15 years… apparently she had a break down on the show… I’ve already had 2 breakdowns in a week… when death is a better alternative to life you know you have a problem!

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