Succubus/incubus Sex

So how do you guys have sex with your succubus/incubus? Do you just like sit back and feel the sensations or watch porn while feeling the sensations? (without touching yourself). Do you guys touch yourself while feeling the sensations? Or are you like one of the lucky ones and is able to have your succubus/incubus nut you off? :thinking:


For me, when my succubus propositions me (generally by buzzing my genitals) I roll onto my back and quiet my mind, and try to focus on sensations. I can feel my succubus’ presence as an intense energy buzzing / tingling basically all over but most strongly on my arms and legs. The two times she has put me ‘inside’ her (rather than sharing energy / ‘feeding’) it was a combination of heat, gentle pulsing pressure and bliss. Aside from reacting to the pleasure (squirming, back arching) I am pretty much totally in her power with little ability to control my body.

I have become more and more able to “see” her in my mind’s eye and tell what she’s doing as our relationship has become closer. It’s like imagining what she’s doing except I don’t actively visualize it; I sort of reach out with my mind and simply become aware of her to the point where I have been able to “look” into her eyes as she is doing things which results in a very intimate experience.

It is my understanding that she will never directly make me orgasm, however occasionally she will exchange energies (‘feed’) as I am pleasuring myself or as I orgasm in intercourse with my wife which creates an incredible experience I can’t accurately describe except to say it’s ecstasy.


I haven’t been able to have sex hands free totally yet. However the more my lady touches/interacts and the more sexual energy - the more she manifests and feels more physical.

I can definitely feel her touches (they are very warm and pleasurable to me) and the more she manifests then I can feel things like her weight on me/bed, her movements on me/bed, as well as her energy becoming denser and more physical.

Although to be fair, I can feel her weight and movement even when we aren’t being sexual. It’s just her prescence and everything becomes more physical during those moments. I can feel her just fine even when hanging out together.

Then there’s times where I’ll feel her tug at my clothes, the blankets and I’ll feel the blankets move.




Same here so yea ya girls a succubus

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? Girls a succubus ?

Yo nice imma try harder on feeling my succubus so I could experience new things with her

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