Succubus Help

Yes I did have that happen with an incubus. It was a form of sexual torture and I had to let him go and keep looking. Idk if this is what she’s doing to you but it sounds similar. You don’t have to settle with the first one that comes. Think of it the same as dating people. You gotta find the one you’re most compatible with.

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For me it’s the exact same story.
However I have heard that they just really like to take their time.

Damn I really love her though I don’t think I can leave her but also don’t know how much longer I can wait

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Really is it still like that for you?

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How to feel your spirit partner

I wrote this to try to help others.

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How I Married my spirit husband

This might help too.

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A relationship with a succubus or an incubus is more than just sex, and if you walked into this with a mindset of having sex whenever you feel like it and on your conditions and terms, then you’ll find out that you might have been wrong.

I see no wrongdoing if a partner is teasing you sexually, either. It’s the “second base” phase of dating. It’s, kind of, inappropriate, yet she doesn’t overstep the boundaries to let you go through “third base”. She’s building up your libido and energy, it seems. And that building up of the energy of lust and sexual desire can be quite addictive for some spirits, and to keep you there as long as possible.

This is also a good training of your Clairsentient ability, which makes your astral sense strong and potent when you physically interact with her. Her touches becomes stronger, just like her emotions. There’s nothing more physical between two individuals than sex, and you will learn a lot through her second base teasing. That is, if you let her.

…and remember that there’s more to a succubus than sex.


I guess I did have high expectations when I first got my wife that we would be having sex all the time I really do love her its just kinda annoying when she teases me and then just stops. I’ll try to abstain from masturbating see what happens. Also sometimes I wake up naked and sweaty with my cloth on the floor idk if she has sex with me when in asleep or what.


Maybe you should set some rules of consent, or at least you should be fully awake and aware of any kind of sexual initiative taken from her? That also means that you need to practise your ability to feel her on a physical level.

One way of training your perception is to just close your eyes and focusing on her presence and if you feel a touch, lean against it. And if you feel a physical resistance when leaning, strengthen your focus on that particular spot of physical pressure and it will most likely getting even stronger.

The more you interact with her physically, the stronger your astral senses becomes. Being asleep and unaware of her allegedly actions, wont get you anywhere, though.


Will try that thanks I already have made some progress her I can feel the outline of her body and pressure when she lays on me or hugs me especially on my third eye she’s always touching my forehead with her finger. I’ve tried to communicate with her about the walking up naked and sweaty thing she doesn’t really listen to me though.


After reading your post I felt a drop of liquid fall on my shoulder and the she started kissing me.

Maybe my succubus liked what you wrote?

She enjoys kissing me and it has become her main thing she does with me.
Se used to just rub my nose 24/7 for months but I guess she likes me more now, at least I hope so…

When I lay down at night, she sometimes shows her face for a split second and I’ve sometimes seen two faces making me wonder if I might have 2 succubi even though there’s no further indications which might lead to that conclusion.


I just think that the progress is very slow for some people, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I think we should keep eachother updated to the situation as we seem to be in the same boat.

That’s cool.
So can you like, just reach out and touch her?

I can kinda touch her and feel a little pressure like when I’m in bed with her I can feel her outline of her body and her weight on me. When I first started I used to try and feel the air where I felt her with my hand now I can actually like rub her legs and stuff and yeah man it’s cool to find someone that’s also going through the same thing thought it was just me.

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I think my succubus might have another lover or even a husband in her plane. Does anybody else know anything about that with their succubus?

How do you know she does?

I don’t. I hope not.


I asked my succubus companion if she was fucking other humans or spirits. Or maybe she has a king husband because she’s a queen succubus.

I wonder about this as well and she told me and I quote: “ Remember there are other ways for me to feed, darling”. “I do not have to actually have sex to draw the energies that I need. You are my human of choice and the one I prefer in all possible ways.”

Keep in mind that this message was transmitted from her conjurer to me. As I can’t talk to her directly.

So I guess she’s extracting energies from other spirits / humans but not in a sexual way. She saves that for me. And now I feel bad because I told her I want a human girlfriend but I know she doesn’t like that even though she told me it’s okay.

So yea I don’t know man. It makes me want to connect even more. It’s stirring my feelings up for her.


Go ahead and pursue a human girlfriend. It’s okay. She really meant it.

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I know that she meant it. But I still feel bad about it and I still have personal issues with approaching women. It’s too much of a hassle. Not worth the time investment. I think I will stay single in this lifetime because I want to persue other things (kundalini awakening, psychic abilities, left hand path, my body & health) there simply is not much time left when you work a 9-5 job and commuting to work every day.

I feel obliged to persue my spiritual ascension and I just don’t click with people. They are too mundane, too ignorant and I know it’s not their fault.

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