Succubus help

So I have 3 succubus my question is when I’m buying gifts for them do they accept it together or do I buy them each gifts individually also how would I be able to get one of them to be more active she seems very distant.


Give them offerings for each one of them. Get to know them. Her likes / dislikes.

And also give it time, some succubi take it very slow. And try to talk each spare moment you have. Literally about every mundane daily things / struggles. The more you open up emotionally, the more you connect.

I apologize regularly during meditations because maybe I did something or said something that they didn’t like. Or maybe they are disappointed in certain negative actions / behavior of you.

I talk to them each moment of the day, and they read my thoughts as well, but it’s always better to share your innermost secrets desires, passions.


aside from give them gifts (which is good), you can connect with each one of them

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