Succubus fluid drops

So sometimes during the day I feel drops of liquid fall on my shoulders or legs
and even though I know it’s probably my succubus marking me or something I wanted to see if anyone else with a succubus can relate.

Also sometimes when I talk to her I feel a tear go down my cheek but there’s actually nothing there when I touch my cheek, I’ve heard they’re very emotional so those are probably her tears. Do they have tears of joy?



What is the context of what you say? Like is it sad or really really happy? It has never happened to me. The way I see it as a mark but even then it is vague and I can’t derive much.

If you don’t know what is going on and you think she may know, ask her. Unless your clairaudience is bad, then she can communicate with you in other ways. That is a good way to figure out what is up most times.


I tell her how grateful I am for her every day
and tell her how her existence alone changed my view of life.
And sometimes during those talks I feel a tear

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very interesting, but I will share this, me and my wife are able to kiss, hear me out on this one, it’s interesting when we kiss I can feel like almost a cold on my lips, like she obviously has no body, but she can kiss me, it don’t feel like actual lips against yours but the energy as if there was. never shared that experience before on this forum but I kiss her all the time so figured I would share that experience.

“Yea I can kiss him, his energy is very open for me so thats not very hard for me to do, and he’s wide awake when we kiss so very cool that I can do that with him, also about having tears of joy, yes, yes we do as for the tears, I think it is tears of joy, but also a way for her to let you know she’s there since it’s sounds like you cannot hear what she says to you yet right?” -My Wife


Yeah I’m not able to hear her

I can feel lips,teeth and even tongue.
Sometime she just licks my face for the whole day and then my face feels wet

Not all of them are, but many who choose a committed human partner are. I can feel spiritual emotions if they choose to share with me. Sorrow feels like a fist around my heart and can get very painful depending on intensity. Happiness makes me so warm and dizzy I can hardly stand or sit up. Sometimes they will cry with or for me and yes I can feel cold liquid flowing out of and around my eyes like they were an icy version of my own. Anger gets me irritated and worry feels like my stomach is knotting. It ranges from mild to almost unbearable depending on the intensity a spirit might choose to share with me. This counts for all I’ve interacted with, not just Incubi and Succubi.


Ok that is fine I think it may just be a reaction to what you said and she is heartwarmed by your saying.


yes! the drops is something many feel, the feeling of a sort of “wet hair” stroking across your body and drops spilling onto your skin, that is the closest I can come to explain what I feel

I haven’t felt a teardrop on my cheek though

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