Succubus first encounter

Yesterday on this forum I asked a few question about the ritual of summoning a succubus. After that I decided to do it that very night, which I believe ended in mostly success.

I wrote my letter that was a page long, getting everything I had in my head already made up for it at about almost 11. I decided to wait until 12 and just decided to sit and relax and before I burned the letter, I get tingles around my genitals and got excited, and just kind of disappeared within a minute. So fast forward to just after 12pm I proceeded with the ritual calling to Lilith to accept it. Everything goes good, I followed succupedia’s guide, letter gets burnt.
Immediately after I lay down and relax with my eyes closed. I start to feel that tingling again around my genitals and get excited again. It starts and stops multiple times in the first 30 minutes with very little touching anywhere else on my body. I acknowledged it with a thank you. I tried communicating both out loud and and in my head but no answers or anything the entire night which I thought was a bummer, I wonder why. I end up falling asleep soon after an hour from the start of the ritual and wake up again at around 3 maybe and feel the same sensation again, tried communicating again but ended up getting nothing again.

Just thought I’d share and would like to ask, why was there no communication? And how would I go about trying to make it happen?


it can be one way communication for some
I can only feel touches and not hear or see anything
try to focus on the touches and appriciate it as much as possible, strengthen that first and try communicating along the way

you can use many of the scrying methods, like mirrors, candles or a pendulum, though it is not as amazing as having an actual conversation it can still feel comforting to have some sort of contact :slight_smile:


If you are following the steps mentioned in “Letter to succubus” topic then you must have seen that part “To Lilith” letter and you do it just once.
I did it too but my kind of a succubus was of a specific kind and I’m still waiting for Lilith to pick the exact spirit of hers.


it takes time to feel them when you´re beggining the relationship with a succubus, unless you have already high level psychic senses, shouldn´t be a problem, just talk to her every day, about whatever


Thanks for the tip, I’ve been doing it both in my head and out loud and nothing yet, but I do feel her touch throughout the day which awesome! So I know she’s there