Succubus and water drops

Hi all,
Last night I was laying in bed waiting to go to sleep when a couple of drops of water landed on my face. It wasn’t raining, it’s hot and dry here atm. No air cons or evaporative coolers etc. that might have been the cause. No one in the house playing tricks on me. There was definitely no physical cause for it in the room. I have had some mild experiences with what I thought was a succubus recently although that has stopped. I did not summon the succubus. In the last week I have started talking morning and night to a woman near where I live. Which will only be a fwb kind of thing due to circumstances. I remember hearing something about people who have experience with succubi feeling water on them but I can’t find it now. Anyone have any other ideas on what it might have been or can give me more details on the succubi area I was thinking of?


A very likely possibility is that you felt your succubus tears. Not sure why but probably @succupedia could tell you more on that. I haven’t felt tears but I have felt the hand of mine.

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That’s one piece I remember reading. I’m still looking for the post you’re referring to; I remember reading it as well.

Either way, it could just be her “marking” and bonding with you. It’s a good sign.